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8 most Instagram-worthy manicure trends to try this summer

Getting your nails done is always a therapeutic experience. In this day and age though, part of the joy of pampering yourself is being able to flaunt it on Instagram. Few things are more Insta-worthy at a nail salon than something that works one of summer’s most prominent manicure trends.

Matte nails and oval-shaped press-ons may have dominated 2016, but this summer is all about the gloss, colour blocking, and a love for lines. Take cues from various runway manicures — like floral stickers on a clear top coat at Preen, or the negative space manicures at Monse or Jenny Packham — to really get a feel for what summer’s all about. Aside from these trends, pastels are still here to stay, and so are metallic accents. Some things don’t change, no matter what the season.

Here are our manicure trends you can take to the salon to inspire your nail artist for your next paint job.


Using a soft, summery teal and layering it with floral stickers is another alternative to the delicate and clear floral nails at Preen. Also, it’s way easier than trying to paint on flowers with nail art tools.

Photo: @ipsy


Soft, gradient pastel nails kept short are are a neat way to experiment with pastels instead of couching on your typical, single-colour manicures.

Photo: Imaxtree


If you must focus on one colour, though, go loud and lush with unique tones like mustard yellow, cornflower blue, tangerine orange and the like. File them down to square tips if you like the drama, or just keep them short and oval for easy maintenance.

Photo: @ilovekenyaaaaaa


Geometric manicures are now one-upped by negative space nail art. Choose three to four complimentary colours, and craft geometric shapes without masking your natural nail colour.

Photo: Imaxtree


Geode or crystal manicures may sound kitschy, but they’re gorgeous if an expert does them for you. Stray from the typical amethyst by opting for manicures inspired by jade, opal or tiger’s eye.

Photo: @taylornailedit


Metallic hues are always in, but instead of full chrome nails, this season is going back to reworking the classic French manicure with metallic tips.

Photo: Getty


There are days where you can’t just choose one nail colour, and you want them all. Tonal nails are exactly the right trend to adopt at those indecisive moments. You don’t even have to stick to hues that work well together. Be bold, and choose clashing colours.

Photo: Imaxtree


Subdued manicures aren’t for everybody. Bright, press-on embellishments are big this season, so if you like your nails to make a statement, try this trend out. Take cues from the nail artists at Gucci and Libertine — don’t be stingy with the bling.

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