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The best vanity organisers to store your makeup collection

There is nothing more tantalising to a beauty junkie’s eyes than an immaculately organised makeup collection.

Not even a fresh, untouched tube of lipstick or a stamped pan of highlighter comes close to seeing rows and rows of the said products lined up in military-straight lines, each housed in its own caddy.

Tidying your makeup collection can be a therapeutic experience that would do Marie Kondo proud, and allows you to take stock of what you still use. The easiest way to get neat is by purchasing modular vanity organisers that can compartmentalise your collection, and stack into formations to save space.

While many of us purchase clear acrylic ones from mass-market e-commerce sites to sort out our makeup, those seeking a little more longevity from their vanity organisers in more dynamic storage solutions can turn to the options we’ve listed below.

Here are some of the best vanity organisers you can find in Singapore to store your makeup collection.

Featured image: Raphael Lovaski/Unsplash


Trust a Japanese country to be the king of modular storage solutions. Muji’s vanity organisers come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials to suit every decor style, from hard pulp to rattan to its popular acrylic solutions. We like the gamut of choices available, which means you get to customise your storage solutions according to both your collection’s needs, as well as your space.

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Aykasa is another Japanese storage brand that sells modular plastic crates in an array of sizes to suit your needs. From small to large, these can stack, fold and fit into shelves or drawers to offer colourful and structured storage to your collection. We especially love the selection of colours — a departure from the usual monochromatic scheme offered by other storage companies.

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Stori sells a range of clear plastic vanity organisers that span drawers to open-topped trays, all of which are stackable. One great way to stay organised and efficient about how you access your collection is to have clear storage solutions that allow you to see everything when kept, and quickly identify where your needs are when it arises. Stori’s products are all wallet-friendly as well and are even sold in sets if you’d rather have the brand configure your collection for you.

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Storage and jewellery box brand Umbra has a number of dynamic vanity organisers, of which the Toto fits perfectly with women who are seeking to merely home their minimal makeup collection, or have a caddy to fit all the products they use most frequently. The combination of white on wood is also incredibly Scandi-chic, and sits nicely on a vanity table as an accessory piece too.

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Sunficon is all about functional storage made for the practical. From standalone cosmetic organiser systems to trays with cubbies that keep anything from nail polishes to lipsticks, as well as 360-degree lazy Susan-style organiser that can even accommodate brushes, Sunficon’s products are ideal if you are looking for streamlined, one-unit solutions to store your cosmetics.

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Umbra’s spindle is a nifty little space saver to keep your products out of sight. What looks like a chest of drawers actually spins on an axis to reveal stacked trays where your items are kept, ready for you to reach in and take what you need. Its simple, seamless white hue lets it blend into your space rather than stand out, a dream for those who cannot take visual clutter in their living space.

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