While many are scrambling to get manicure slots for the upcoming festive season, others might find it a little bit of waste to get your nails done this year.

Apart from price hikes and just about zero time to head out to pamper yourself, the number of people you’ll be meeting over Lunar New Year will be significantly reduced this year due to tightened COVID-19 restrictions.

Yet, that isn’t going to stop us from looking our best. After all, who doesn’t go all out for the ‘gram these days?

press on nails
(Image credit: Bryony Elena on Unsplash)

One could argue to do-it-yourself at home, but with most of us clacking away at our laptops for more than half the day, we’d rather not go through the process of waiting after each coat only to get a rather uneven looking manicure.

The solution? Press-on nails. These minute manicures are a life-saving alternative to nail wraps and traditional manicures — simply measure your nail size, send in your favourite designs and wait for them to be customised and sent to your home. All you have to do is pop them on and you can be out in a jiffy.

Here, get your hands (or should we say fingers) on some of these press-on nails for a quick fix to your unpolished claws.


To figure out your best set of nails for Friskynails, you should order a sizing kit on the website to help you figure the exact width and length of the press on nails. Apart from designs featured on the site, you can always customise your design: just look send them some images of your favourites from Instagram or Pinterest (or even some album art if you’d like!), and your custom sets will be shipped out within one and a half weeks.


Freelance nail artist Ginn.nail has nailed down (pun intended) the art of lovely nails: think pastel shades and cute motifs for the upcoming new year. If you’d rather get something a little more sophisticated, this CNY floral design in the stiletto shape will pull your entire outfit together.


From sweet-looking and fire-inspired black nails to trendy tortoiseshell designs, Butterosenails is your go-to shop for just about any type of patterns you can think of. This gorgeous yellow and daisy-printed one isn’t just perfect for the spring festival, its summer theme is suitable all year round in Singapore.


Founder of Bbnails.co, Bernadette launched her online store in June 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. Her love and passion for press-on nails, coupled with the business model of keeping things affordable for customers has paid off — with more than one thousand followers to the page, what started out as a side hustle seems to be booming of late. Here, this poppy-inspired piece is particularly apt for the coming season.


‘Nuff said — it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with this wave-inspired set from Barrenails. From art-deco motifs to rainbow french tips and marble drawings, Barrenails’ wide range of hand-drawn designs are sure to impress.

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