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How to use anti-ageing wheat, flax, and rye in your skincare routine

Fruit, vegetables and other plants have made their way into natural cosmetics because of their many skin benefits. But what about grains? Known for their nutritional qualities, wheat, flax and rye can also be major skincare allies with incredible anti-ageing properties. From reducing wrinkles and fine lines to enhancing firmness, these three grains are gradually making their way into the bathroom to fight the vestiges of time.

Long abandoned, long forgotten, some natural ingredients resurfaced with the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers started to shun endless ingredient lists. As a result, natural beauty routines and age-old concoctions have replaced certain chemical substances, bringing back to the forefront products that are healthier for the skin and the environment, such as coffee grounds as an exfoliant, aloe vera as a moisturiser, or even carrots as a radiance booster. But natural cosmetics brands have also been focusing on the virtues of certain grains, which have all kinds of benefits for mature skin. Case in point: Wheat, rye and flax, which boast anti-ageing benefits and are worth including in your daily skincare regimen.

Why wheat, rye and flax should have a place in your anti-ageing skincare routine

Rye for firming properties

Commonly used as brown flour in baking, rye is now making its way into skincare routines thanks to its anti-ageing benefits. (Image: Patryk Pastewski/ Unsplash)

A grain closely related to wheat, rye is mainly known as brownish flour, but it is now becoming a go-to ingredient in cosmetics. Many brands include it in their product formulas for its firming properties, which are ideal for skin that is losing tone and firmness, but also to remedy the loss of elasticity and improve healing. All of these benefits make this a grain of the future in the beauty industry, adding to the list of its many health virtues.

Flax to hydrate and soothe

flax rye wheat skincare anti-ageing
Cold-pressed flaxseed oil not only nourishes the skin but also helps prevent the signs of ageing. (Image: Chelsea Shapouri/ Unsplash)

Often dehydrated, mature skin needs to be deeply nourished to reduce the risk of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. That’s where flax comes in, and more precisely flaxseed oil, known for its soothing and moisturising properties. Rich in fatty acids, cold-pressed flaxseed oil not only nourishes the skin, but also helps to soothe it and to prevent future external aggression and skin ageing. It’s a prime anti-ageing partner for mature skin, as well as for dry or dehydrated skin.

Wheat as a beauty all-rounder

flax wheat rye anti-ageing skincare
Wheat germ oil has anti-ageing properties and protects the skin from external aggression, making it a must-have in any skincare routine. (Image: Evi Radauscher/ Unsplash)

Along with rice, wheat is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive grains in the field of beauty, targeting many skin problems. Also highly nourishing, wheat germ oil helps prevent the signs of ageing while protecting the skin from external aggression and repairing past damage. This is mainly due to its regenerative properties. In addition, it acts on skin elasticity, providing a whole heap of active ingredients that help promote a smoother complexion and firmer skin.

This story was published via AFP.

(Hero and featured image: Davizro/ Getty Images)

How to use anti-ageing wheat, flax, and rye in your skincare routine

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