Aftershave isn’t as common of a grooming essential in Singapore. More attention is given to cologne and perfumes, leaving aftershaves stuck in this grey area of “do I really need this?” in a man’s mind.

Yes, in fact, you do. They are an effective, fragrant means of guarding against infections and ingrown hairs in your pores post-shave. Many aftershaves tend to contain an astringent, usually in the form of aloe vera or witch hazel, keeping the area sterile after you’ve gone over it with a razor.

Aftershaves are also a quick and simple way of integrating a dash of scent to your body without having to drown yourself in perfume. Since having a signature smell counts among attractive qualities one can have, we’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of the best-smelling aftershaves on the market right now, with one for every preference.

Bvlgari Man

Woodsy notes are highly prominent on the Bvlgari Man aftershave lotion, balanced out by bergamot and vetiver. There’s a hint of floral notes to this upon first spritzing, but these taper off nicely into a seductive musk.

Available at Bvlgari.

L'Envol de Cartier

Musk, patchouli, wood and honey are the key notes of this fragrance, melding together to smell like honeyed mead. This is a sweet perfume that comes across slightly beer-ish without making you reek of a night out — perfect for anyone who enjoys a scent with an edge of bitterness.

Available at Cartier.

Penhaligon's Bayolea

Lemongrass and citrus dominate this zesty aftershave splash, making it perfect for fans of more summery, fresh perfumes. Not only does it smell great, it cools and reinvigorates the complexion too.

Available at Penhaligon’s.

Tom Ford Noir

Fans of scents that border on the floral and peppery can look no further than the Tom Ford Noir aftershave balm. It’s basically its signature Noir perfume formulated with soothing ingredients to calm the skin after a shave, while making you smell really masculine.

Available at Tom Ford.

Floris London Elite Aftershave

If you’re fond of potent, amber-rich fragrances, then this Elite Aftershave is what you want. Citrusy lemon and aromatic lavender cut through the heady amber base notes, creating a sensual and mature aftershave scent.

Available at Mr Porter.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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