Aftershave isn’t as common of a grooming essential in Singapore. More attention is given to cologne and perfumes, leaving aftershaves stuck in this grey area of “do I really need this?” in a man’s mind.

Yes, in fact, you do. They are an effective, fragrant means of guarding against infections and ingrown hairs in your pores post-shave. Many aftershaves tend to contain an astringent, usually in the form of aloe vera or witch hazel, keeping the area sterile after you’ve gone over it with a razor.

Aftershaves are also a quick and simple way of integrating a dash of scent to your body without having to drown yourself in perfume. Since having a signature smell counts among attractive qualities one can have, we’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of the best-smelling aftershaves on the market right now, with one for every preference.