And so, Singapore finds itself in the thick of haze season once more. With the PSI numbers showing no signs of going back to the green in a bit, everyone is rushing to stockpile heavy-duty N95 masks to guard against the haze’s rampage.

Here’s the kicker: poor air quality and pollution do not just wreak havoc on your physical health, but your skin as well. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and has a far larger surface area that comes into contact with the aggressive pollutants currently clouding our air. An N95 mask is not a panacea for the skin woes that will occur throughout haze season.

To mitigate dryness, exacerbated skin ageing and breakouts caused by pollution, we pick out some of the best anti-haze skincare products on the market right now. The next time you bop to a pharmacy to hoard respiratory masks, make a detour to your nearest skincare store to stock up on these goodies too.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil

Cleansing off the grime from the smoggy air should be your top skincare priority, and Shu Uemura has just the product for that. Its famed cleansing oil comes in an anti-pollution version, fortified with Japanese ginseng, a powerful antioxidant to detox your complexion from those pesky particles that compromise your skin health.

S$55. Available at Shu Uemura.

This Works In Transit Pollution Shield

Swap your facial mist with This Works’ Pollution Shield, a nourishing spritz chock full of ingredients that guard against carbon particles and free radicals while refreshing your skin. Highlights include the liberal dose of aloe vera within, which helps to soothe redness and agitation if you’re particularly sensitive to the haze.

S$50. Available at Sephora.

Blithe Pressed Serum Tundra Chaga

Korean skincare label, Blithe, has made a name for itself with its pressed serums — a balm-like, concentrated serum that easily doubles as a moisturiser given its potency and hydrating qualities. We especially love the Tundra Chaga version, made with 60 per cent chaga mushroom, a powerhouse ingredient full of anti-pollution and hydrating properties. Use this in the morning before heading out the door.

S$64. Available at Sephora.

Laneige Anti-Pollution Two Tone Sun Stick

We’re all for multitasking products and Laneige’s Anti-Pollution Two Tone Sun Stick hits that brief to a T. It isn’t just a sunscreen with SP50+ and PA++++ protection, but it creates a protective layer over your skin to guard against dust microparticles.

S$34. Available at Laneige

Dr Roebuck's Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum

A good anti-pollution skincare regimen isn’t just deployed in the daytime, but at night as well. Dr Roebuck’s Tassie serum is the perfect nighttime product to replenish skin that has dealt with an onslaught of bad air during the day, thanks to the use of blueberry extract and amino acids in the serum, two nourishing ingredients filled with rejuvenating goodness.

S$77. Available at Sephora.

Naturally Serious Anti-Pollution Repair Cream

The haze is the ultimate aggressor to ageing skin, so counterbalance those effects with an antioxidant bomb of a product, like the Anti-Pollution Repair Cream by Naturally Serious, a new brand to our local beauty market. Rife with the likes of pomengranate, tea extracts and goji berries, this all-natural moisturiser promises a reduction of visible ageing signs triggered by bad weather.

S$78. Available at Sephora