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Krave Beauty defies Korean skincare rules with products that keep it minimal

Korean skincare routines celebrate maximalism. The philosophy leans towards “more is better”, with daily regimens of K-stars beginning at seven steps, minimum.

As consumers and brands become more educated, however, this heavy-handed mode of skincare is becoming outdated.

Korean beauty influencer Liah Yoo has grappled with this problem herself. The former beauty industry professional and YouTuber has struggled with the issue that skincare has become stressful — a counterproductive plight that led her to build her own brand in order to make a difference. Introducing Krave Beauty, the Korean beauty label that wants to press reset on everything you know about skincare.

Ridiculously simple formulas and nourishing ingredients share space on every single one of Krave Beauty’s product labels. Currently, there are five key products, culminating in all the essentials you need for daytime and nighttime care. Yes, five products, period.

Apart from this minimalism, another factor that Krave Beauty believes in is transparency in skincare. Peruse the website and all its product pages, and you’ll see full ingredient lists, as well as detailed explanations of why certain compounds or elements are used.

There’s a kind of pay-it-forward mentality, where purchasing a Krave Beauty product also means you’re leaving the platform a touch more educated about what is good for your complexion.

Yoo recently expanded Krave Beauty to Singapore and Malaysia, with shipping available from the brand’s global site to your local address. To help you get started on your journey of being kinder to your skin here’s a peek at the best Krave Beauty products available in Singapore.


As the tongue-in-cheek name suggests, this serum offers major relief to your skin’s barrier. It’s all about replenishing with this powerhouse product, thanks to the combination of skin-repairing oils such as safflower, rosehip and tamanu, last of which is Yoo’s personal star ingredient, one she claims has reduced her hyper-pigmentation dramatically. Ceramides, cholesterol and squalene are also included, all of which are already found in your skin to restore your complexion to its fullest.

US$28 (S$40).

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Less than ten ingredients go into this nourishing water-based moisturiser, with oats being the hero ingredient. This grain is a common inclusion in skincare for its anti-inflammatory and anti-polluaging properties, all the while being friendly to sensitive skin. This formula was created by crowd-sourced information, where Yoo sifted out over 2,300 responses to what makes the perfect moisturiser in order to create this water cream, so you can trust that this jar houses a solution that is as inclusive for your skin’s needs as it gets.

US$28 (S$40).

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We’ll say it till our mouth goes dry: sunscreen is important, so use it every day. Still, not all sunscreens are formulated equally, and some tend to aggravate skin sensitivities, or leave a white cast. Yoo’s understanding of these struggles has led to her Beet the Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ sunscreen, a product that checks all the boxes when it comes to sun care. Made with beetroot extract and tons of antioxidants to fight free radicals, this lightweight product leaves no white cast,  so it is friendly to all skin tones.

US$20 (S$28).

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Sensitive skin may not be as welcoming when it comes to chemical exfoliants, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Yoo’s Kale-lalu-yaha is a wipe on glycolic acid blend at an extremely gentle percentage, so those unfamiliar with chemical exfoliants can trust that this is a good place to start. Adding to the formulation are dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and parsely, all of them full of antioxidants to further bolster your skin health.

US$25 (S$35).

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