We’ve all had this moment happen to us — you come home from a long day after work, a heavy day travelling, or a particularly gruelling night out at the club. You’re tired, perhaps a little tipsy, and you contemplate just falling into bed with a full face of makeup on. Common sense tells you that doing so is the worst for your complexion, but you push the thought away thinking, “how bad can it be?”

The answer is: pretty bad. You’re suffocating your skin. You’re allowing dirt and bacteria to flourish overnight, giving zits a perfect environment to rear their head. But laziness often wins the tug of war between your face wash and your bed. When faced with situations like this, you can easily triumph your sloth with makeup remover wipes.

These cleansing tissues typically offer a two-in-one benefit — they act as a quick, easy makeup remover, and most of them have ingredients that also rid the skin of impurities. Wipes are never comparable to a proper cleansing routine, but in a pinch, they’re the best you can get.

A lot of makeup remover wipes, however, aren’t the best for sensitive skin. Reviews online have bashed certain brands for having cleansing wipes that sting or are uncomfortable, especially around the eye area. If we’re in the business of avoiding aggravation for your complexion altogether, then it’s time to look for gentle wipes that suit people with skin sensitivities without sacrificing on performance. Read on for our top picks.