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Swap out your face wash for these gentle milk cleansers instead

Having sensitive skin is a pain. There are limitations to the types of products you can use as most brands tend to be too harsh. And this is something to keep in mind while purchasing face washes. 

Face washes are an essential first step that your regimen needs, yet plenty of those available on beauty store shelves tend to contain abrasive ingredients that already strip what little moisture your skin has, leaving your complexion feeling taut after each rinse.

However, you no longer need to suffer this plight as availability of a variety of milk cleansers has proved to be a boon for various skin types. 

Milk cleansers are not a new innovation, but are rarely acknowledged as their foamy counterparts. Created from an emulsion of water and fat, the ultra-hydrating milk cleansers actually hydrate your skin during a wash as it removes dirt and residual makeup. It is also one of the most gentle types of face wash available, so adopt cleansing milks if you haven’t yet. It’ll do wonders for your sensitive skin.

Here are our favourite face cleansing milk products to get your hands on

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Ren is a skincare brand dedicated to using additives that are 100 percent mineral and plant-based. Barren of synthetic ingredients, Ren’s products are especially suited for sensitive skin, especially its Gentle Cleansing Milk that helps sooth red and inflamed skin. You can also use it to remove your eye makeup — you know how much we love a good multitasker.

Image credit: Escentials

From $44

Fresh’s soy range has a massive following for good reason. The cleanser, especially, is ultra-light and easy on the skin that helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance. It doesn’t foam, which means it doesn’t contain harmful sulfates. The cleanser also is very emollient, leaving your skin feeling nourished after each wash. For those with chronically dry skin, this is a good bet.

Image credit: Fresh


From $23

Milky cleansers also appeal because of how they can be used as a makeup remover, and if it’s that function that attracts you to the product, then get the Guerlain Lait de Beaute. This silken formula melts all your makeup away as you work it effortlessly into your skin, and you feel extra fresh thereafter. The gentle cleansing milk even delivers well against waterproof makeup, which is hard to come by.

Image credit: Guerlain

From $13

Shiseido’s Extra Rich Cleansing Milk is not only hydrating, but it promises to protect and leave skin soft by keeping it moisturised as the day continues. Beyond that, the product also has an enjoyable sensorial aspect, because it does lather up nicely unlike most cleansers of the type.

Image credit: Shiseido


Using anything from Aesop makes you feel like you’re in a spa, and their latest Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk is no exception. Fortified with botanicals such as lavender and sandalwood, as well as plant oils that strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, this is the one milk cleanser you need to make every face wash session feel like a complete treat.

Image credit: Aesop

From $70

A unique cleansing milk that does not need to be rinsed off. Dab a few drops of Sensibio Milk onto your skin with a cotton pad and re-apply until the pad is clean. Dermatologically tested, this specially formulated solution is compatible with sensitive skin prone to skin issues and does not cause any harsh reaction. 

Image credit: Bioderma

From $24

Enriched with the buttery goodness of almond milk, Caudalie gentle cleansing milk brings you a soothing makeup cleanser that purifies your skin while leaving it velvety soft. Its creamy texture helps remove makeup in just a few swipes. The best part is that the Caudalie gentle cleansing milk is composed of organic elements which does not harm your skin or precious lashes. 

Image credit: Caudalie


Bearing the essence of rice bran oil and healthy vitamin E, the cleansing milk thoroughly helps in removing makeup and effectively removes dirt without stripping your skin of moisture. It evenly spreads through your skin and gives it all the nourishment it needs. Not to forget the mild fragrance of carnation oil!

Image credit: Amazon

A water-based cleanser to quickly remove dirt and impurities while protecting your skin with its antioxidants. Avene’s milk cleanser lies gentle on your skin, removes makeup, and moisturises it to give you a soft, glowing look. Clinically proven, this one’s the best cleansing milk suited for dry, hyper-sensitive, and acne prone skin.

Image credit: Avene

From $37

A regular dose of Laneige’s cleansing milk can do wonders to your skin and turn it buttery soft. Let your skin soak in a few drops of this solution and melt away the excess oil and dirt only to leave your normal skin with a warm radiance with the first cleanse itself. 

Image credit: Laneige


We all know the positive impacts of coconut milk on our skin. Then, why not give it a try with Edible Beauty’s cleansing milk. The soothing blend also contains strawberry and apple extracts that mixes pretty well with coconut to enhance your natural glow and leave your skin soft and supple. Add a tinge of blush on a clean, healthy skin with No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk.

Image credit: Edible Beauty


Let Neroli essential oil work its magic on your skin and surprise you with its gentle cleansing properties. Oh, we’re referring to the new DECLEOR Facial Cleansing Milk! The gentle cleanse using these cleansing milks from DECLEOR can easily wipe off even the most stubborn makeup without making your skin go dry. A hydration expert, this is the cleanser you need to get rid of water-proof makeup from dehydrated skin.

Image credit: Decleor

From $51

Why only cleanse off impurities when you can soothe and pamper your skin as well? ESPA’s cleansing milk brings you the best of both worlds! Comfort your skin with chamomile essence and add a touch of healthy glow with natural oils from soybean and rich sweet almond oil. 

Image credit: ESPA Skincare

From $40

What makes the Glossier cleansing milk remarkable is that it’s safe not only for your skin but is also kind to your eyes. Formulated with the cleaning agent found in contact lens solutions, this cleanser is the best bet to wipe off your mascara. Besides, it conditions your skin while removing dirt and impurities making it ideal for sensitive skin types.

Image credit: Glossier

From $18

Frequently Asked Questions

Is face cleansing milk better than regular face wash?

The best milk cleansers usually don’t lather up like face wash and so it is more hydrating. You don’t always have to rinse the cleanser with water, which ensures that your skin doesn’t turn too dry.

Is face cleansing milk suitable for oily skin?

There are various cleansing milks that are recommended for oily skin. The best cleansing milk usually strips off excess oil and impurities while retaining moisture, so facial cleansing milk can be used on oily skin. Some of the best milk cleansers include Organic Harvest, Murtela, Vaadi, and Plum. The list above also includes some of the best cleansing milks for oily skin that can effectively cleanse with the gentle formula.

Does face cleansing milk clog pores?

Yes! Due to its creamy texture, some of the best milk cleansers have a chance of clogging your pores. Consult a physician to know more about the frequency of use and the kind of cleansing skincare routine you need to maintain for your skin type.

Is face cleansing milk suitable for makeup cleansing?

Yes! The creamy texture mixes with the makeup completely making it easier to come off without stripping skin of the moisture. However, don’t forget to use a mild toner later to wipe off any residue.

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