Sleeping masks are one of the simplest ways to ramp up your skincare. Made to be used overnight, these thicker creams act as humectants for your skin, nourishing your complexion as you sleep so you wake the next day looking extra refreshed. Even if you lack the recommended eight hours of shut-eye a night, a sleeping mask is a good way to make you look like you’ve gotten ample rest.

Sleeping masks also don’t take much effort to reap the results, nor do they have the waiting time wash-off or sheet masks do — simply slap it on your skin, go to bed, and you’re good. Skincare brands have invented these overnight wonders to cater to concerns beyond just hydration, so now, you can easily find a mask to satisfy every need or correct any woe your complexion may have.

For new initiates to this wonder product, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite, tried-and-tested sleeping masks that we believe are some of the best in the market.

(Hero image credit: Sephora, featured image credit: Laneige)