Chemical exfoliation has become a mainstay in nearly every skincare routine there is, given how this category is able to address a gamut of complexion problems, ranging from acne, clogged pores, visible ageing, hyperpigmentation and more. Korea, in particular, has produced a number of notable brands focused on rejuvenating skin with chemical exfoliants, and Some By Mi stands out as the latest amongst the K-beauty crowd to make waves with its hyper-effective toner.

Aptly dubbed the “Miracle Toner”, Some By Mi’s best-selling product is a must-have for everyone in the know. Comprising the full spectrum of chemical exfoliants — AHAs, BHAs and PHAs to be exact, and to get clued in, we have a guide to chemical exfoliation here — this renewing toner drastically corrects skin issues, with many sufferers of adult acne and scarring claiming it makes a whole lot of difference.

But this up-and-coming is so much more than just one toner. Here is our pick of the best Some By Mi products your beauty routine deserves.


If you have to try just one product from Some By Mi, then obviously, its raved-about toner is the way to go. Best suited for people prone to oily skin and blemishes, especially pimples, this low-pH toner is fortified with the anti-inflammatory goodness of tea tree leaf extract, as well as the combination of three chemical exfoliants to slough off dead skin cells and unclog your pores. It claims to shrink pores and absolve you of skin texture issues in just 30 days with diligent use, and the public consensus on this product is that it actually delivers those miracles.

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Blackheads and how to get rid of them are a constant pain point that everyone can relate to. Some By Mi believes that the key to resolving blackheads begins at the first step of your skincare routine — cleansing — so the brand has a foam cleanser specifically for the purpose of minimising pores. Various botanical extracts create the formula, including camellia sinensis, a tea plant that doubles as an antioxidant-rich skincare ingredient favourite, to purify your pores. Don’t be alarmed by the slime green hue of the cleanser, that’s just the natural hue of the tea extract present to deliver a serious skin detox when used.

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Cica has been a trendy ingredient, particularly in Korean skincare, thanks to its powerful ability to repair the skin’s barrier, especially when it is skin prone to inflammation. Typically found in serums and moisturisers, Some By Mi has applied cica to suncare, the final step in one’s skincare routine, to ensure all-day protection from UV rays and aggressors that agitate the complexion.

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We’ve touched on the value of Vitamin C serums in a skincare regimen before, so if you haven’t yet gotten on board, then give Some By Mi’s version a shot. Aside from potent Vitamin C, this serum incorporates galactomyces into the mix. Galactomyces is a beneficial mould extracted from sake production, and has proved to be a skincare powerhouse when it comes to brightening. Together with Vitamin C, you’re looking at seriously dewy skin down the line.

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Some By Mi also has makeup products, with its Killing Cover Moisture Cushion Compact being the top-seller. The formula applies to an extremely natural finish, giving a your-skin-but-better effect. It is also hypoallergenic, ideal for interested wearers who have seriously sensitive skin.

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