Chemical exfoliation has become a mainstay in nearly every skincare routine there is, given how this category is able to address a gamut of complexion problems, ranging from acne, clogged pores, visible ageing, hyperpigmentation and more. Korea, in particular, has produced a number of notable brands focused on rejuvenating skin with chemical exfoliants, and Some By Mi stands out as the latest amongst the K-beauty crowd to make waves with its hyper-effective toner.

Aptly dubbed the “Miracle Toner”, Some By Mi’s best-selling product is a must-have for everyone in the know. Comprising the full spectrum of chemical exfoliants — AHAs, BHAs and PHAs to be exact, and to get clued in, we have a guide to chemical exfoliation here — this renewing toner drastically corrects skin issues, with many sufferers of adult acne and scarring claiming it makes a whole lot of difference.

But this up-and-coming is so much more than just one toner. Here is our pick of the best Some By Mi products your beauty routine deserves.