There’s a reason why airlines provide moisturising products in the men’s in-flight grooming kit when you’re flying on business class: the recycled air in the cabin is dry enough to leave your skin parched.

“The humidity in aircraft cabins is low, usually less than 20 per cent,” states the World Health Organisation. That’s 10 per cent lower than the usual rate of 30 per cent. Now imagine if this was a long haul flight. For those of us who live in Singapore and are thus conditioned to the tropical humidity, the effects could be worse.

At best, your skin will be left a little dry while those of us who are more prone to such conditions could disembark with peeling skin that itch for days after. Yes, the men’s amenity kit doled out by the cabin crew helps as does avoiding alcohol and leaving your coffee dose until just before you land, but here at Lifestyle Asia, we’re advocates of taking charge of our own well-being.

The standard issue men’s in-flight grooming kit is all fine and well but why stop there when you could take things to the next level? Here, we’ve put together the ultimate men’s in-flight grooming kit. Think of it as war paint: from masks to dry shampoo so you’ll land feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Hydration Lover Rubber Mask by Dr Jart+

Leave your bottle of facial mask at home and opt instead for a sheet mask. It’s portable and disposable so you won’t have to mess about too much in front of the mirror. The Hydration Lover Rubber Mask by Korean unisex brand Dr Jart+ has our vote as it wraps your complexion to prevent its active ingredients like green seaweed extract from evaporating. The result? Hydrated skin that leaves you feeling fresh and ready to tackle any challenges your trip might bring.

Available at Sephora, S$12

Lip balm #1 by Kiehl’s

Skip the standard issue lip balm given out by your airline and bring this one by Kiehl’s instead. It’s formulated with a trio of key ingredients like aloe vera – the home remedy to sooth your skin, vitamin E for its moisturizing properties as well as squalane – a botanical lipid that can restore your skin’s natural moisture.

Available at Kiehl’s, S$17

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste by R + Co

Unless you’re flying on Emirates first class for its shower suite, getting off the plane with fresh smelling hair is a pipe dream. Take the R + Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste with you as it doubles up as both a dry shampoo and styling hair product. It’s a paste that converts into a powder as you apply it so be sure to put yourself in front of the mirror to avoid any residue. Formula-wise, it’s concocted with Japanese Zeolite Clay and Volcanic Ash mixed with argan oils that will soften your hair as even as it holds every last strand in place.

Available at Net-a-porter, S$39.10

Shaving cream by The Art of Shaving

If you don’t have much time between getting off the plane and being sped off to that business meeting, take time to shave while you’re on board. Still, that sad tube of non-descript shaving cream provided in the plane toilets just won’t do. Instead, go for one with a classic fragrance of sandalwood like this shaving cream by The Art of Shaving. The essential oil doubles up as a moisturising agent while the addition of coconut acid helps to hydrate your skin while you shave.

Available at The Art of Shaving, S$24.40

London Travel Kit by Aesop

For an all in one grooming solution that contains all the essentials, look no further than Aesop for its London Travel Kit. It comes with the brand’s range of classics like the shampoo, conditioner, geranium leaf cleanser and body balm in compact sizes. The mouthwash is a favourite for containing mint, spice and liquorice, which promises fresh breath without the harshness of more common brands. Travel light and take this in your carry-on luggage — everything else can be checked in.

Available at Aesop, S$105

Azimin Saini
Azimin Saini is the Editor of Lifestyle Asia and manages the team in Singapore. He has been told the sound of his backspace is like thunder through the clouds. On a regular day, he has enough caffeine in him to power a small car. Follow him on Instagram: @globalgastronaut