As the market for male grooming leaps forward, we see many men becoming increasingly conscious about skin, hair, shaving care and beyond. We’re talking about going beyond washing faces with cold water and a soap bar nicked from a hotel during a holiday past. It’s more than just bothering to use conditioner, or even knowing why conditioner is a basic bath time necessity. Men are inching towards becoming more knowledgeable about grooming, and delving into quality products that make them look and feel their best every day.

You might have that one friend who’s been having a go at your personal stash after finding out about the wonders of retinol, or genuinely enjoys the conservational wonder of proper grooming. This Christmas, appeal to his self-care streak with any of the products in our grooming gift guide, or combine them into a personalised hamper to double up on the yuletide cheer.

A crucial note: While companies are expanding, or even just establishing male-centric beauty lines to cater to the demand, products like cleansers, toners, masks and hair wash essentials are largely unisex. Don’t get suckered into a gendered steel trap where you’re purchasing an item that screams “MAN” in cowboy 0r varsity font, without first checking if the ingredients are good for you. Aside from packaging, products labelled for men often rely heavily on artificial fragrances to attain the signature “masculine and musky” scent. Fragrances utilise chemicals that tend to agitate sensitive skin, so always corroborate your friend’s skin type (or your own, because you deserve to treat yourself) before making a purchase.