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Dermatologists are moving to offer teleconsultations for all your skin troubles

The prevalence of stress in our lives these days is bound to cause skin troubles.

Though your access to skin experts has been cut until further notice, you can get the same advice now that dermatologists in Singapore are launching teleconsultations.

Teleconsultations involve remote interactions with your skin expert of choice, typically conducted over a video call. Clinics, along with some skincare brands, are stepping up to make this service available to all, whether you’re tied to an existing dermatologist or not.

These teleconsultations have the added bonus of being complimentary, so you can definitely explore a range of options to find an opinion that suits you best. Typically, a session involves a chat with the doctor, then recommendations for products you can use to better your current skin situation.

If you’re currently stressing out over some skin struggles, here are some dermatologists in Singapore that have made the shift towards teleconsultations.

IDS Clinic

dermatologists in singapore teleconsulations
Photo credit: IDS Clinic

The renowned local aesthetic clinic, IDS Clinic, is offering free teleconsultation services with its doctors during the circuit breaker period. The drill is exactly the same as you would have when visiting its main branch in Novena, with a doctor on hand to scrutinise, observe and recommend products for treatment from the brand’s in-house skincare line. Post-consultation, a therapist will assist you with any other queries and needs you may have.

The brand also has recommendations tailor-made for stress-related skin reactions during the circuit breaker period for added ease.

Book a session here.

Clarins & Me

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Photo credit: Clarins

French skincare brand Clarins is also known for having a standalone spa in Singapore where clients can go to receive skin treatments unique to the brand. While that outfit is currently closed, the brand has taken its customer care initiatives online by offering Clarins & Me, a new remote skincare platform that includes teleconsultation services with the brand’s beauty experts.

A consultation is 20 minutes long, with slots available daily. The consultation includes suggestions for products you can use to treat your skin, as well as a personalised regimen to follow should you need it. Apart from facial care, bodycare advice can also be given if needed.

Appointments can be made here.

Lux Aesthetics

skin teleconsulations dermatologists in singapore
Photo credit: Lux Aesthetics

Lux Aesthetics is a leader in face and body treatments that span fillers to facials for specialised skincare. While we’re not sure how feasible it is to get your Botox fix with the clinic right now, Lux Aesthetics is making teleconsultations available for those who require urgent assistance.

Dermatologists from Lux Aesthetics can be contacted via its WhatsApp hotline to schedule an in-depth teleconsultation, which will include medical-grade product recommendations to ease any skin stress you might be dealing with right now.

Reach out to the clinic at +65 8866 9922 for teleconsultation inquiries.

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