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5 DIY beauty workshops to make anything from perfume to shampoo

There’s always something innately satisfying about being able to create something from scratch, even if you’re not the craftiest person around. DIY allows one to customise something exactly to their needs, and there are few areas where this ability is more of a bonus than beauty.

Everyone has moments where they believed a certain product could be x amount better if only it had y. Instead of relying on big beauty companies to hopefully make that difference one day (ain’t gonna happen), take the step to make your own. Singapore has a regular roster of DIY beauty workshops that will give you hands-on experience to make anything from your own perfume to soaps, which we’ve listed down below. Convince a friend or two to take part with you and you’ve got a solid plan for a weekend too.


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Learn to make soap

Sugar & Spice isn’t just a local handcrafted bodycare company, but it also holds a regular roster of workshops focused on making cold-pressed soap free of chemicals and carcinogens. Attendees get to craft their soap of choice using only plant-based, non-toxic ingredients in the span of two hours and learn the benefits of different ingredients on the skin. The workshop will result in a kilogram of soap to take home, as well as the key skills one needs to replicate the process in the future.

From S$135. Sign up with Sugar & Spice here.

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Learn to make Korean herbal shampoo

Traditional Korean herbal ingredients, also known as hanbang, have proven their efficacy when it comes to skincare, but their potential for hair care has only begun to make waves outside of Korea. Instead of purchasing a bottle from a pharmacy, sign up for a workshop that teaches you how to make your own with an experienced instructor familiar with the benefits of different herbs. Each workshop entitles registrants to leave with a 100ml bottle of their own concoction.

S$48. Sign up with Unmi For U here.

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Learn to make your own aromatherapy blends

Aromatherapy is a classic avenue for self-care and an all-natural way to counteract anything from stress to insomnia. The process of blending, however, requires a little know-how, so learn from an expert at Naiise’s aromatherapy workshop. Delve into the science of mixing, as well as learn the uses of different essential oils to create the blend that’s just right for you at this workshop, all in the span of 90 minutes.

S$58. Sign up with Naiise here.

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Learn to make your own green beauty products

Organic beauty is gaining traction across the globe, but what most of us don’t realise is that Singapore has its own budding movement of green cosmetic brands as well. The Balm Kitchen is one of the most recognised, given that they offer vegan, handcrafted formulas for a wide spectrum of products, be it face wash, moisturiser or shower oil. The Balm Kitchen also offers private green beauty workshops for small groups, teaching keen parties how to make simple makeup essentials, like lip balm, with familiar plant-based goodies.

Price NA. Sign up with The Balm Kitchen here.

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Learn to make your own perfumes

Oo La Lab is a service that offers fragrance design and mixology workshops that enhance the personal aspect of perfumes. The brand holds hour-long workshops to get you familiar with the chemistry of perfumery, teaching you how to build scents that best embody your personality. Only cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced compounds are used to make Oo La Lab’s perfumes, so there’s the plus point of your perfumes getting the green stamp too.

S$88. Sign up with Oo La Labs here.

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