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The best of Dr Jart: a shopping guide for first-time users

Korean skincare brand Dr Jart is set to join your arsenal of skincare products — even if you’ve probably never heard of it.

Here’s a quick introduction: Dr Jart has been making waves the last couple of years, professing its undying love of and commitment to scientific innovation in the field of skincare and creating products that tackle your skin concerns, one at a time.

Dr Jart, (abbreviated from the phrase “Doctor Joins Art”) reflects the brand’s unique philosophy as the unification of dermatological science and art: resulting in products that aren’t just effective, but also aesthetically-pleasing to place on your dressing table as well.

Dr Jart
Cicapair Serum and Ceramidin Cream

Yet, where do first-time users look to even begin their journey with the Korean brand? Fret not, we’ve pulled together a register of the brand’s most popular and effective products for even the most confused novices. Read on for the full list.

(Hero and featured image credit: Dr Jart)

For a boost of hydration after your toner, Ceramidin Cream is the product you need. The thick consistency serum helps to suppport your skin’s natural moisture barrier (great for those constantly exposed to pollution in the city, aka all of us), all whilst improving the appearance of fine lines.

The Ceramidin Cream and the Ceramidin Liquid have similar properties, with the only difference being that of consistency and the strength of ceramidin used in the product. Both products are still vital in your skincare rotation: use the liquid on days you have to pile on the makeup, and the cream on days you’re home.

The Ceramidin Cream Mist is a lightweight, spray that’ll really complete your routine on a dry summer’s day. Inside the bottle is a dual-phase formula that combines create a moisturizing mist with every-use. If you’re feeling the heat, it’d be good to use the mist in-between products for a hydrating boost.

Perhaps your skin is feeling a little irritable, and you’re breaking out with spots of redness on your face. Instead of going for the Ceramidin Cream and Liquid, you’ll be better off heading to the shelves for the Cicapair Serum. Not only does it help with acne and uneven skin tone, its infused with loads of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to help restore skin fatigue.

Pair the Cicapair Serum with the Cicapair Calming Gel Cream if you need some intense spot treatment on heavily-affected areas. Thankfully, the gel-cream works wonders even under makeup, so you won’t have to worry about it melting under your foundation.

If you’re looking for a new cleanser that removes your impurities without leaving your skin tight and dry, then give the Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser a go. The hypoallergenic foam cleanser uses a calming herb complex, panthenol, and hydrogen mineral water that moisturises and cleanses at the same time.

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