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Editor’s picks: The best Drunk Elephant products for naturally good skin

Like many other skincare brands, Texas-based Drunk Elephant was predicated on the philosophy of creating products good for your skin. Where it stands out remarkably, however, is in its stringent abstinence of skin-harming ingredients the brand dubs the Suspicious Six — essential oils, drying alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate, silicones, chemical dyes and fragrances — which are all too commonly found in products these days.

Founded by Tiffany Masterson, the brand has boomed in reputation across the States and in the UK because it is reliably non-toxic, and all its formulas use products that are familiar to one’s skin, making them suitable for even those who suffer from sensitivity issues. Drunk Elephant touts, “if there’s doubt, [the ingredient] is out”, and there is little doubt that the brand has taken every measure to craft products that are potent, effective and yet gentle on the skin.
Drunk Elephant has recently launched in Singapore at Sephora, so if you’re keen to give their range a try, we’ve listed some of our favourites to shop.

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Protini Polypeptide Cream

Singal peptides, growth factors and amino acids are essential to bolster your skin against ageing. Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypetide cream combines all those important nutrients in never-seen-before quantities to dramatically improve your skin’s texture, reduce fine lines and maintain firmness.


We’ve talked about the virtues of Vitamin C serums and how they guard against photo-damage from the sun’s UV rays as well as brighten your skin. Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma serum stands as a cut above with its formula of 15 percent 1-ascorbic acid (a form of Vitamin C), and 5 percent ferulic acid, a plant-based antioxidant. What this means for you is that this day serum counteracts the present damage on your complexion while blocking out all the harm that the sun, free radicals and pollution can do to one’s complexion — a necessity for a city dweller.


The T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is one of Drunk Elephant’s first and biggest hits. The gel is formulated with a blend of chemical exfoliants across both alpha- and beta- hydrolic acids, intended to resurafce baby-smooth skin and radically reduce visible blemishes. If you’ve struggled with dark spots, clogged pores and excess oil production, give this a try.


Multiple fruit and plant-based ingredients go into this B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum that promises to keep your complexion moisturised for twenty-four hours. Pineapple ceramides are also included in the formula to soothe dry, flaky patches, making this ideal for anyone with hyper-sensitive skin. Because the formula is a gel, it is also extremely lightweight for use during the daytime under makeup and your other skincare.
S$74. Available here.


The Virgin Marula Luxury face oil was one of Drunk Elephant’s pioneering products. The marula fruit is a powerful antioxidant and hydrator known for its skin balancing capabilities, and Drunk Elephant’s blend is especially unique because it uses the most concentrated expression of the fruit’s goodness possible. The pip of the fruit is cold-pressed raw and filtered into a silky oil rich with polyphenols that provide, as the brand calls it, “rehab for your skin”. Slather this on at night and reap a fresh glow tomorrow.

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