Beauty rest is a saying for a reason. A good night’s sleep is scientifically linked to having clearer skin, and while most of us know this truth, we rarely practise it. Lacking quality sleep has become a way of life for most urban individuals, so much so that we rarely notice it until we look in the mirror and are greeted with an irreversible dullness. It is time to rectify that, so beauty and skincare giant Estée Lauder has taken upon itself to inculcate everyone on the virtues of how and why you should let the night be your time for skin repair.

Estée Lauder power of night pop up
The Power of Night pop-up. (Photo credit: Estée Lauder)

To achieve that goal, the esteemed brand will open its first Power of Night pop-up at the Visual Arts Centre from 23 to 24 March. The centre will be transformed into a Living Room, within which consumers can explore a myriad of activities that focus on the relationship between sleep and good skin, as well as the star product of the pop-up — the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum.

This cult serum is Estée Lauder’s tried-and-true passport to rejuvenating your skin, boosting your complexion’s hydration levels, elasticity and health overnight, even if you lack the required eight hours of rest. We’ve already covered why it is Singapore’s favourite serum time and again, so we will let you experience it anew at the Power of Night pop-up without trumpeting its virtues much more.

Estée Lauder power of night pop up
The Advanced Night Repair serum. (Photo credit: Estée Lauder)

Besides, the Power of Night pop-up isn’t just a homage to the serum, but it’s an educational, interactive journey for consumers. Walk in and you can take a quiz to discover your complexion’s needs (after which you’ll earn a serum sample), then venture into the technology behind the Advanced Night Repair serum, as well as discover how it works in tandem with your body at rest to improve your skin.

There are also plenty of Instagram-worthy spots for you to snap pictures, and if you post it on the app with the tag #PowerofNightSG, you stand a chance to bring home a full-sized bottle of the serum. Estée Lauder will also line the space with some of its classic, as well as new beauty products, namely the Pure Colour Desire lipstick range.

Don’t miss out, and don’t leave without a bottle of Advanced Night Repair serum if you can help it.

The Estée Lauder Power of Night Pop-up will be held at the Visual Arts Centre from 11am to 8pm Book your priority slot here.

Visual Arts Centre
Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Road, Singapore 238469
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