Organic products have never been as widely available as they are today. With growing concerns about sustainability and the health of the environment, many producers are flying the organic, green flag across their wares, be it food, apparel, and increasingly, the cosmetics we use.

Skeptics may pooh-pooh organic skincare products as green marketing, an excuse to trap millennials into purchasing overpriced serums that perform just as well as their non-organic counterparts all for the bragging rights, but having an all-natural skincare regimen has benefits that surpass mere conscious consumerism.

Organic products tend to contain gentler formulas that are more accommodating to sensitive complexions, and they are typically made in small batches, with more care and attention on the brand’s part to what goes into the final vial or tube.

Before you hop online and begin loading your digital baskets with organic cosmetics from countries like the US, UK and Australia, it’s worth noting that our small city has quite a growing all-natural beauty frontier of its own. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite local organic skincare brands to get you started.