There’s little denying that Christmas and New Year’s Eve come with festivities that include an alcohol intake that borders civility and nights that draw on a bit too late. While it’s all fun and games during, the morning after will definitely leave you feeling worse for wear, and that reflects clearly in the way you look. Dull skin, dehydration and enlarged pores are just some of the visible manifestations of going too hard the night before, and no one wants to start the next day looking like they’ve been dragged through hell and back.

Tried-and-true cures like consuming electrolyte-rich beverages do help ease some of the pain, there’s nothing like quick fix skincare products to get you looking fresh in a blink. To tide you through the parties to come, here are some skin revivors to purchase. You can thank us when you wake up looking human after dancing until 4am.

Starskin 100% Camellia Nourishing & Brightening Mask

Sheet masks are the most obvious instant remedies there are when your skin is parched and the colour of drab parchment. Starskin’s two-step sheet mask may seem like a tedious resuscitative, but your skin will weep with joy once you have it on. Pop a capsule of nourishing camellia oil on your face and neck, then apply the hydrating sheet mask over for 15 minutes to reap instantly brightened skin. The mask is suffused with vitamin C, so consider this your daily dose.

S$16. Available at Sephora.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

If you’re still in a state where you can remove your makeup and wash your face when you reach home (which we fully advocate), then take your drunken attempt at skincare a step further with the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. This potent oil combines skin-renewing retinol with redness-reducing blue tansy and chamomile. The simple act of applying a couple of drops on your face before bed will make you wake up looking brand new, so make this the necessary extra mile you take before your head hits the pillow.

S$148. Available at Sephora.

Chanel Blue Serum

Patchy skin and blemishes are two things you can expect after subjecting your skin to dehydration. Stave away those pesky problems with the Chanel Blue Serum, a refreshing gel that instantly perks up the skin and evens out any blotchiness present. You have three key ingredients to thank for its miracle work. There is green coffee, which offers a shot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds; olive to fortify with fatty acids and lentils to regenerate your skin after the damage done. Use at night or the morning after and marvel at the benefits.

S$160. Available at Chanel Beauty boutiques.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water

Ginseng is a traditional cure-all, and that extends to skincare too. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water is a thin liquid packed with the essence of the powerhouse herb. It aims to deeply moisturise, firm and prep your skin for the rest of the skincare you’ll apply, making sure everything is optimally absorbed. When your skin is the desert, not a drop of hydration should go to waste, so a nutrient-rich lotion like this is essential.

S$68. Available at Sulwhasoo boutiques and Tangs.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Crema Nera Extrema

Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera Extrema is an immensely moisturising and rich cream that is a life buoy for your visage when it’s at its worst. The velvety cream harbours the magic of the reviscentalis plant, a desert-dwelling grass that has an unparalleled ability to draw moisture to itself for sustenance. One application of this cream begets instant radiance and hydration that lasts throughout the day, so think of it as a cool, long drink of water your skin deserves to enjoy.

S$590. Available at Giorgio Armani Beauty boutiques and Tangs.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
Beatrice Bowers writes about beauty, drinks, and other nice things. When not bound to her keyboard, she moonlights as a Niffler for novels and can be found en route to bankruptcy at your nearest bookstore. Don't tell her boss.