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Rihanna announces a new skincare brand, Fenty Skin

Just when you thought Rihanna’s beauty game was going on pause, the star-turned-beauty-magnate announces a fully-fledged skincare follow-up to her beauty brand. Welcome Fenty Skin.

Teased on Instagram, the only details we have confirmed are a 31 July 2020 launch date, and a link to sign up for early access (fentyskin.com, get on it). The brand trailer sees Rihanna bare-faced, washing her skin with a cream cleanser, and applying a handful of other products to her face — one a serum, and one a gel-like liquid. Branded as the “New Culture of Skincare”, we aren’t yet sure what that entails, but anything where newness meets Rihanna is a cause for excitement.

Savvy internet folks have done the due diligence to check out trademark applications under the brand, pulling through product names like Buff Ryder, Fat Water, Flash Nap, Hydra Vizor, and Instant Reset. We can only guess at what they mean, but it looks like the collection will debut with a face wash, a serum, possibly a moisturiser, and a sunscreen.

Fenty Skin will also potentially include bodycare products as per its trademark filing, but that is for the future to tell. Now, we anticipate 31 July.

Photo credit: Fenty Beauty

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