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SK-II’s new SKINPOWER line will be a game-changer for dull and tired skin

Anyone who’s used SK-II’s PITERA™-powered products would attest to the brand’s ability to revive even the most fatigued and dull skin back to life.

Now, the Japanese skin expert wants to take its expertise a step further with the new SKINPOWER line, a range of products that ride on the skin cells’ ability to self-generate through what the brand calls “the constant cycle of ‘energy to power’”.

This breakthrough cocktail of power ingredients, also known as InfinitPower Technology, aims to supercharge the skin from within. Calla Lily extract, for example, is used here for its ability to plump up the skin via hydration, improving the skin’s elasticity in the long run. 

SK-II Skinpower

Dokudami extract is another potent ingredient that’s coveted for its healing properties. Here, the Japanese herb is sourced and handpicked from a farm in Tokushima, and incorporated within the formula to energise the skin. Lastly, peony extract is used for its ability to achieve elasticity from within the skin.

The result is skin that’s bouncy, smooth, and glowy — basically everything you could want from a skincare regime, especially on hectic and stressful days. The SK-II SKINPOWER line debuts with four products — the Airy Milky Lotion (from S$158), Cream (from S$158), Essence (from S$165), and Eye Cream (from S$153) — to make for an complete and easy daily regimen.

The SK-II SKINPOWER Airy Milk Lotion works to bolster the benefits of PITERA™ and InfinitPower Technology with a lightweight texture that sinks into the skin immediately. The SK-II SKINPOWER Essence too is light and easily penetrable, with a unique blend of powerful ingredients that provides the exact optimal dosage for supercharged skin transformation.

SK-II Skinpower

Although rich and velvety, the SK-II SKINPOWER Cream manages to seal in all the benefits without feeling heavy on the skin, while the SK-II SKINPOWE Eye Cream nourishes the delicate under-eye area and renders fine lines less visible. Because all products sink into the skin immediately without leaving any greasiness, they’re all suitable for both day and night use. 

The SK-II SKINPOWER series will be available at all SK-II counters islandwide.

Shatricia Nair
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