If you care about skincare and have Internet access, you’ve definitely heard of Deciem one way or another. Deciem is the parent company of a range of beauty brands that aspire to change the norm in the beauty industry by stripping away marketing fluff in favour of transparency and proven results. Deciem’s popularity skyrocketed when the beauty influencer crowd picked up on how good its products were, which caused the brand to grow from an underground gem to a highly sought-after cult favourite in mere months.

Deciem’s wares have been exclusively available online to Singaporeans via third-party retailers ever since demand peaked. Loyal fans will now be happy to know that Deciem has plans to retail in Singapore, both through local digital platforms and eventually opening a brick-and-mortar store. A representative from the company mentioned that they’re gunning to establish their presence in Singapore at the end of the year, though nothing has been solidified just yet.

To get you excited, here’s a quick blow-by-blow on some of the best in Deciem’s portfolio.