If you care about skincare and have Internet access, you’ve definitely heard of Deciem one way or another. Deciem is the parent company of a range of beauty brands that aspire to change the norm in the beauty industry by stripping away marketing fluff in favour of transparency and proven results. Deciem’s popularity skyrocketed when the beauty influencer crowd picked up on how good its products were, which caused the brand to grow from an underground gem to a highly sought-after cult favourite in mere months.

Deciem’s wares have been exclusively available online to Singaporeans via third-party retailers ever since demand peaked. Loyal fans will now be happy to know that Deciem has plans to retail in Singapore, both through local digital platforms and eventually opening a brick-and-mortar store. A representative from the company mentioned that they’re gunning to establish their presence in Singapore at the end of the year, though nothing has been solidified just yet.

To get you excited, here’s a quick blow-by-blow on some of the best in Deciem’s portfolio.

The Ordinary

Out of all the brands in the Deciem portfolio, The Ordinary needs the least introduction. Its products are extremely streamlined, focused on hero ingredients designed to benefit the skin with a purity and an efficacy that is unparalleled. If you know your skincare, are familiar with ingredients and yearn for filler-free products to help you achieve your complexion goals, then The Ordinary is a must to add to your skin arsenal.


NIOD’s products read the stocks found in a chemist’s lab, but that’s nothing to detract you from giving the brand a go. NIOD, which stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science, adopts a heavily scientific approach when creating its intelligent skincare products for consumers. The brand offers concentrated formulations that you can expect to find from a dermatologist, with most of the products falling into the anti-ageing bracket. One of their bestsellers, The Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate, is made with 28 different clinical technologies, including drone delivery mechanics that allows the serum to target specific spots in your eye area that require a boost. Their tagline, “skincare for the hyper-educated”, definitely pulls weight.


Hylamide boasts multi-tasking skin solutions designed for people who want an efficient routine. Their products are demarcated into three categories — a core range focusing on cleansers and skin preppers, boosters to improve your skin barrier, and cosmetics to finish the package. For busy folks on-the-go who just want products that cover a full spectrum, Hylamide is where it’s at.

The Chemistry Brand

The Chemistry Brand was one of the very first under the Deciem umbrella. It is primarily a bodycare brand, with hydration-intensive products crafted to remedy anything from cracked heels to wrinkles. Its top-selling Hand Chemistry is a delicious-smelling hand cream that targets every aspect of ageing, from dryness to elasticity, with results delivered in just 11 days of regular use. So popular was the cream that many who swore by it began using it on their face for the same benefits — if you can think of any other brand that can boast such bold consumer loyalty, we’ll eat our words.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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