You cannot talk about cult skincare brands without mentioning Cerave.

Launched in 2006, this dermatologist-developed skincare brand is all about treating and helping sensitive skin. Ceramides, a lipid molecule that alleviates dry and damaged dermal barriers, are the key ingredients across Cerave’s product line, brought to the market at a time where ceramides weren’t in many skincare vocabularies.

Thanks to being so nourishing for easily-aggravated skin on both the face and the body, Cerave began to blow up across the beauty side of the Internet, backed by influencers, dermatologists and satisfied users.

The key points people celebrate about Cerave are straightforward: the brand is affordable, hydrating, and formulated so gently and simply that there’s little risk of it worsening your skin’s inflammation. These benefits are especially applicable to people who suffer from conditions like acne and eczema, as Cerave’s dermatologist-backed prowess has proven time again that it soothes and improves against those ailments.

We know that Cerave is a great skincare brand to purchase, but unfortunately, it has little presence here. However, if you want to buy Cerave in Singapore, there are plenty of other channels to turn to, and we round them up here. Before we get to the “where”, let’s first glimpse at the “what to buy”.

What to buy from Cerave

The fantastic thing about Cerave is that its wide product range lets you use create a one-brand routine. 70 items can be daunting to weed through, so the bestsellers are as follows:

Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser: Formulated at a pH of 5.5 (read why this is important here), this gentle gel-to-foam cleanser protects your acid mantle and keeps your face hydrated, rather than stripped, after a wash.

Cerave PM Facial Lotion: This lotion has made waves across social media for its hydrating, restorative properties. Aside from ceramides, this power-packed product has niacinamide, a wonder ingredient with benefits such as blemish and scar reduction, brightening and anti-inflammation.

Cerave Eye Repair Gel Cream: The eye area is the most sensitive on the face, prone to fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. This thin, quick-absorbing eye cream corrects these issues with a high dose of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and of course, ceramides.

Where to buy Cerave in Singapore


cerave skincare singapore

By far, Shopee has the most comprehensive selection of Cerave products available across numerous sellers. Price points are kept affordable, shipping is reliable, and sellers often have discount codes for bulk purchases. When it comes to Cerave, we know that you’ll be stocking up.


cerave skincare singapore

Digital beauty retailer Lookfantastic has a limited selection of Cerave’s body moisturisers, in various formats, including its jumbo-sized tubs and pump bottles.


cerave skincare singapore

Lazada has some sellers that put out Cerave’s bestsellers amongst their wares, with the most accessible product being its cleansers and PM lotion. If you’re going straight for the gold, then Lazada is a convenient choice.


cerave skincare singapore

While iHerb stocks most Cerave’s body products, including a hard-to-find itch relief cream, the healthstore giant also has the brand’s AM and PM facial lotions, eye cream and retinol serum available.

All photo credit to Cerave.

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