There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare, given how individuals have specific needs when it comes to what they want out of the products they use. To meet this demand, beauty and tech have synchronised to pioneer customised skincare.

Using algorithm systems based online, these brands are able to remotely generate data about your skin, typically through questionnaires designed to check off a spectrum of determinants that range from your skin goals to lifestyle habits. Coupled with analysing your selfies (voluntarily uploaded by you, of course), it’s as good as a trip to the dermatologist. After the analysis, just wait and receive bespoke products made specifically for you.

Read on to find out which brands in Singapore offer this personalised skincare service.


Image credit: Yours

Yours is the newest kid on the customised skincare block with the recent launch of its clean skincare range that’s not only personalised but also toxin and cruelty-free. All the formulas also contain star ingredients sourced from Switzerland. To get on board, simply create a profile that details your lifestyle, environment and skin concerns, then take a couple of selfies. After the process, you can expect one of the brand’s The Fully Yours personalised kit that comes with the basic skincare products —  day cream, night cream, eye serum, and face serum.

Available at Yours.


Alcheme Skincare

Image credit: Alcheme

Named as a play on the word ‘alchemy’, Alcheme is one of the earlier brands that spearheaded skincare personalisation. To get started, undergo an online consultation session on the label’s website, where a series of questions will diagnose your skin type and problems. Not only does Alcheme adjust their products formulations according to the seasons, but they also adhere to minimal wastage and sustainability. For those who really seek to make the most out of customised skincare, Alcheme allows you to craft your products down to the nitty-gritty, like whether you’d prefer it scented or want a lighter texture.

Available at Alcheme.


Clinique ID

Image credit: Clinique

Clinique ID is a personalised moisturiser range perfect for those who want a hydrating product that also treats skin concerns at the same time.  Customising this product starts by a choice from three bases — the Hydrating Jelly, the fan-favourite Moisturizing Lotion, or the Oil-Control Gel. After that, fortify your moisturiser with a treatment, selected from five cartridges that target skin issues, be it to soothe skin irritation, re-texturise, even out your skin tone, tackle skin fatigue or to remove fine lines.

Available at Clinique.


Skin Inc My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum

Image credit: Skin Inc

Skin Inc was the first to launch custom serums in the market, eventually taking their personalised skincare model to the world. Their My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum acts like a multitasker for your skin, housing a selection of up to three different active ingredients. Let Skin Inc know your skin woes and goals, stress levels and the climate you live in through its skin identity assessment and you’ll receive a supercharged cocktail concocted for your skin.

Available at Skin Inc.