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Fitness First Bugis Junction: 5 classes to try now

Gone are the days where you’re stuck on the treadmill for an hour trying to burn off last night’s pizza binge, because the new Fitness First Bugis Junction club is all about functional training. Before you recoil in horror, you need to know that this concept was first used by physical therapists for patient rehabilitation. These exercises were designed to mimic motions they would do at home or at work, after an injury or surgery.

Only now, Fitness First will take it to the next level with its unique and very diverse series of dynamic exercise experiences at its brand new club. Located on the fourth floor of Bugis Junction shopping mall, the 1,660 square-metre space will see an all-new collection of equipment too. SkiErgs make the exhilaration of Nordic skiing accessible here in sunny Singapore, while Airbikes and SkillMills reflect the growing emphasis on multi-plane movement.

Here are some of the highlights in store for you at Fitness First Bugis Junction.

Fitness First Bugis Junction, #04-02, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021


The first thing you’ll notice in the new facility is the crimson bridge-like structure right smack in the middle. But this isn’t just for everyone to get to the other side. Designed to promote moving with purpose, the Throwdown Frame stimulates emergency situations akin to that of military training, where heavy loads have to be carried up and down different levels of elevation. At 3.7 metres high, you’ll be doing a lot of lifting, pulling and climbing, but don’t worry, you’ll have a 40kg dummy for companion.

Muay Fight Pro by Buakaw

If a Muay Thai class is inspired by a K1 World Max Champion, it’s got to be kickass (literally). The champion in question in Buakaw Banchamek, whose ferocity and heart for the sport has helped integrate unique Muay Thai moves into a dynamic and high-intensity freestyle routine. The class will only be available at the Bugis Junction club from May 2017, but brave souls who can’t wait can do so at the Market Street and 321 Clementi clubs.


If you live for the quick adrenaline rush, this class is guaranteed to work up a sweat in only 35 minutes. With the help of high-performance equipment, such as the SkillMill, a manually-controlled curved treadmill, Surge is a circuit-style class that aims to fulfil total body conditioning.



If the only mountain you face every day is your dinner, it’s time to rethink your fitness game. Peak will simulate slopes that you’re hardly used to, with treadmills that vary in speed and degree of inclines to engage the lower body and core. You’ll also be burning three times more calories than regular walking, so that’s definitely time well spent.

Game of Zones

We’ve saved the best for last. Held every alternate Saturday in the morning (a good excuse to lay off the TGIF booze), the class brings together six of the gym’s toughest workouts for a power-packed 120-minute burst of activity. You’ll get to do this as a team, and you and your friends can try to make it to the leader’s board, where you’ll challenge other high-scorers for top honours. From incline running to high-intensity Muay Thai moves, you’ll be torching those calories without noticing, because you’ll be having far too much of a good time.

Shatricia Nair
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