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7 best fitness Instagram accounts to inspire your next workout

Not feeling like breaking a sweat today, are we? We don’t blame you — it’s almost the weekend and all you want is to sit yourself down with a drink and a friend to rant to. However, sometimes all you need is a little motivation, and while spending time scrolling through social media isn’t the best way to get active, it could be your best bet at making that trip you so dread. Enter one of the best motivational tools you could possibly own now: fitness Instagram accounts.

A convenient way to keep track of all your favourite trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Instagram has been the platform of choice for the latest workout trends and ideas. Besides, you might even find outfit inspiration for your next session.

For days when you struggle to muster the willpower to work out, we’ve rallied up some of the best fitness Instagram accounts you should be following. A healthy mix of bodyweight exercises, cardio and strength training are included, as well as the workout du jour, yoga.

The comprehensive list below comprises of yoga enthusiasts, top trainers and body-positive influencers, each with their own unique way of pushing you to give that session a go.


This isn’t your regular yoga feed. Kimmy Hiss and Crissy Barker are literally two peas in a pod, which makes their instagram a visual treat as they contort themselves into impossible symmetrical yoga poses. Add to that exotic good looks, healthy meal ideas and picturesque backdrops from inspiring travel destinations, and we wish we had our own twin — or clones — of ourselves too.



Despite being in her fourth year as a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Aerial still somehow finds time to promote yoga and meditation as a fitness influencer. The Los Angeles-based yogi documents her pursuit of mindfulness with stunning imagery and in some of the trendiest activewear we’ve seen — if you ever needed outfit inspiration.



As owner, founder and CEO of Dogpound — one of New York’s trendiest gym now — Kirk Myers’ Instagram account is filled with beautiful people along the likes of Adriana Lima and Josephine Skriver, all sweating it out in some pretty unusual ways. With a focus on functional training and boxing, his videos demonstrate unique workouts that you will want to try at your next gym session.



If your chances of being initiated into this highly exclusive invitation-only British club are almost ziltch, the next best thing is to live vicariously through the stylish black and white videos. Founded by Russell Bateman, the slightly sadistic fitness sorority sees celebrities such as Suki Waterhouse and Ellie Goulding pushing through intensive routines that you could try at home with a friend. Look forward to a lot of high-cheekboned people — all with abs of course.



Your daily dose of yoga bad-assery is brought to you by Dylan Werner. The travelling yoga teacher conducts workshops around the world, and finds time to bend and twist his tattooed body atop precarious spots such as roof tops and on the edge of cliffs. If anyone can convince a guy to start practising, it might be Werner.



The professional footballer-turned personal trainer is responsible for the bodies of some of the world’s top sportsmen and celebrities, but he’s also pretty generous with us regular folks. His Instagram account is a treasure trove of workout ideas for both men and women, incorporating body weight, weight-training and TRX for specific parts of the body. He also imparts the occasional fitness wisdom by giving tips on body fat percentage and healthy eating.



Specialising in biomechanics and movement neurology, Luke Worthington’s approach to fitness bridges the gap between rehabilitation from injury and performance. The former international athlete is also an advocate for not going to the gym for aesthetics alone. Instead, he believes that the goal should be to get stronger physically, with the body changes as an added bonus. His videos comprise of exercises that improve posture, injury-prevention and even breathing mechanics.


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