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Gym bag essentials: 5 must-haves for men

Sick of going through the fitness motion already? One of the most tedious things about going to the gym is actually packing for it. It’s the same day in and day out: you pack, sweat, unpack, wash and repeat, and now you’re bored of that routine.

One of the easiest way to rev up your enthusiasm then, is by investing in quality products that will get you in the zone even before you reach the gym. From Bodyism’s metabolism-boosting pre-workout supplement to a sharp but comfy polo tee from Thom Browne, these five gym bag essentials are great for making the trip exciting again.

Featured image: Gucci Webbing-Trimmed Coated-Canvas Holdall (S$1,580, Mr. Porter)

Buly 1803 Oub tortoise shell toothbrush

Why anyone would need a tortoise shell toothbrush is beyond us, but hey, anything to keep that million-dollar smile going strong, especially after an unforgiving session with your personal trainer. Celebrated for its apothecary-inspired goods, Buly 1803 has stuck to its tried-and-tested formula of manufacturing grooming products for gentlemen, so this toothbrush will do more than just sit pretty in your toiletries bag. The large head is packed with natural silk bristles that not only clean effectively, but also massage gums gently, so you’re ready to put that smile back on your face.

S$56, Mr.Porter

Nike 2.0 push-up grips

Push-ups might be good for the biceps, but they’re not so good for the wrists. Remove unnecessary stress on them while retaining maximum range of motion with these push-up grips. Nike’s are ergonomically designed with a non-slip base so you’ll build muscles in all the right places with minimal risk of injury.

S$31, Nike

Thom Browne short sleeve polo shirt

Made from lightweight and breathable cotton-pique, Thom Browne’s range of polo shirts are perfect for keeping you looking sharp while staying comfortable after the gym. Its silhouette is in the house’s signature slim fit, while details such as the tri-coloured striping and mother-of-pearl buttons are subtle but add sophistication to the casual look. Plus it’s made in Japan so you know you’re getting quality stuff here.

S$462, Thom Browne

Bodyism Berry Burn pre-training supplement

If the age-old adage of “don’t work hard, work smart” could be applied anywhere outside the office, it’d be the gym. Packed with energy-boosting Brazilian acai, blueberry and pea protein, this pre-training supplement will make your metabolism work for you while enhancing performance during the workout. It’s also free from all the toxic stuff (i.e. artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners) and is vegan-friendly. If you’re not headed to the gym, this supplement is also great for giving you a boost mid-day at work with its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

S$78, Bodyism

Lavett & Chin No. 02 pomade

If you’re going back to the office after a gym session during your lunch break, please do your colleagues a favour by looking presentable again. This includes shaping your locks to the way they looked before. One of their most sought-after products, the No.02 pomade is a water-soluble workhorse that keeps hair manageable while conditioning and strengthening with essential oils and butters. This pomade is also water-soluble, so you’ll be able to wash off all the gunk at the end of the day.

S$57, Lavett & Chin


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