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Does having a great smile improve your chances of winning at life?

There are many sayings in society that surround the power of a smile. It is a symbol of confidence, a barometer for beauty, and the emblem that makes or breaks first impressions. To some, a great smile is all about having straight teeth.

Straight teeth come with benefits on all frontiers, be it your health, or your social and even professional presence. It even has an impact on your dating life. When one considers the pillars that make a cosmopolitan individual appear successful, it’s often your job, social and dating life, as well as your financial security that comes into consideration. Having a great smile subtly influences these avenues by providing you with a subtle leg-up, even though you might not realise it.

In a recent study done by Kelton for Invisalign, the findings pointed to how straight teeth proved more important than one realises, especially for first impressions.

“Whether we like it or not, we are often judged by our appearance,” said Dr. Michelle Callahan, renowned TV host, relationship expert, coach, and development psychologist. “The results of this Smile Survey prove what I’ve always believed, which is the importance of an attractive, healthy smile, whether you’re socialising and networking face-to-face or virtually. Your smile has more of an effect on what others perceive about you than you think.”

Anyone not born with a flawless smile shouldn’t feel discouraged at this point. There are a number of non-invasive and modern teeth straightening methods that enable you to get to that point, and some of them are incredibly discreet too. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign treatment, are one such option. With patented technology, custom-made aligners are created to fit your teeth, and straighten them like metal braces can do. They’re also removable, making them convenient for day-to-day care.

However, if you’re still not convinced, here are some facts on how having straight teeth can positively benefit your life.

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A great smile makes you more attractive

In the Kelton study, those with straight teeth and a solid smile were seen to be 57 percent more likely to get a date on dating sites based on a photograph. In another survey done by popular dating site,, a majority of the individuals surveyed placed straight teeth at the top of their “must-haves for a date” list. 5,500 single people above the age of 21 were surveyed for this.

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Your smile can influence how people regard your personality

Recall images of stereotypically good and bad guys you’ve seen in films or dramas — crooked teeth is often used as a prop to establish a person as bad, and untrustworthy — cinematic reality has translated itself into daily life. In the Kelton study, nearly three out of every four people surveyed were more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than someone with a good job, outfit or car.

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Attractive teeth are a stepping stone to success

Perceptions are important in today’s image-obsessed society. People with straighter teeth are seen as more likely to secure a job, or be financially successful. The Kelton study showed that when comparing images of people, participants perceived those with straight teeth to be 45 percent more likely to get a job than those with crooked teeth, despite both people having similar skill sets and work experience. People in the photos with straight teeth were also perceived to be more successful and wealthy.

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A smile is both the first and last impression you make

Think of every time you’ve met someone new that you wanted to impress. Smiling probably comes into the equation each time, because having a great smile is your ticket to making a quality first impression. Even etiquette manuals say so. Over one-third of those surveyed say that the teeth are the first part of the face that they notice when meeting someone, and it is also the characteristic that they remember most after the meeting. It can potentially define who you are to a date, a superior, or a potential employer.

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Having straight teeth is beneficial for your overall oral health

Having straight teeth can mean that you are able to brush your teeth more easily. This ensures the removal of food particles that can get stuck in gaps or unevenly spaced teeth, which can cause toothaches, or bad breath. Having crooked teeth may also lead to issues with gum health, such as gum disease. It’s not just the superficial benefits, but how having straight teeth can improve your physical well-being too.

A great smile goes beyond just looks, it can be an instrument that propels you forward in life. Take a free assessment of your smile today. Perhaps you might be able to improve your chances of winning at life.

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