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7 best fitness YouTubers to get your home workouts on the right track

Home workouts have become the default for many of us, with YouTube being the main and, keyword, free medium we turn to for resources to get us off the couch.

The problem with YouTube, or any other social media platform, is that information is rampant, choices are daunting, and it’s hard to know whether the information you’re receiving is legit intel. The fitness side of YouTube is not exempt from this.

Searching for a workout video will, inevitably, lead you to thumbnail after thumbnail screaming fast, effective results with minimal effort. As we all know, however, getting fit is a journey not achieved with just 10 minutes a day and with Kim Kardashian’s butt as the end goal.

Many fitness YouTubers are excellent at propagating this fantasy in the name of swaying beginners (hi Chloe Ting!), and if this is pushing you away from embracing the free fitness resources on YouTube, don’t sweat it, we’re here.

To steer you right, we’ve rounded up some of the best fitness YouTubers who have consistently remained at the top of their game, and have the credentials to prove it.

Hero image: Daniel Dearco Photography. All other photos credited to respective YouTube accounts.

Yoga With Adriene has been dubbed “the yoga teacher for the people”, and if her 7 million-plus subscribers on her channel have anything to say, it is that the nickname has weight. Run and fronted by 33-year-old Adriene Mishler, the channel is full of yoga videos that focus on delivering the practitioner a host of benefits. Whether you seek mindfulness, mobility, to ease pain, sleep better or to kick up a sweat, Yoga with Adriene is the definitive yoga resource on YouTube to get started with.

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Probably the original fitness YouTuber and influencer, Cassey Ho fronts Blogilates, a five-million-strong YouTube fitness platform that began as a pilates-focused channel, but has since branched out. Her videos span HIIT, cardio, body-part-specific videos, and also her own trademarked workout classes: Pop Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting. What makes Ho so relevant for beginners are her tailored playlists and plans available for free that one can easily follow shared alongside nutritional information and recipes that are highly accessible.

Personal trainers Kelli and Daniel Segars run Fitness Blender, a very popular and comprehensive workout channel. Though some of the videos spotlighted on the site tend to lean towards the “fast and effective” marketing crutch, Fitness Blender by large has hosts of proper workout videos that average 20-minutes, and are all available for free. Workouts are classified according to level, so anyone from novices to seasoned gym-goers can find virtue in doing them. Categories spotlighted include HIIT, bodyweight sessions and weight training videos if you do have equipment at home.

If you really want to push the pedal with high-intensity exercises, then The Bodycoach TV is where it’s at. Run by fitness coach Joe Wicks, his current series focuses on family-friendly workouts, but his backlog is full of HIIT videos that really get you sweating. From weighted to low-impact workouts, there is something for every fitness level and need on Wicks’ channel.

Popsugar Fitness collects an unlimited database of workout videos crafted by celebrity trainers, ranging from genres like dance, Tabata, HIIT, yoga and kickboxing. The videos function as full-on classes that go through workouts that are of the calibre you can find at fitness studios, though obviously, you do these at home and for free.

If you have picked up a yoga habit throughout isolation, keep the momentum going through Yoga with Tim’s channel. His soothing total body workouts are friendly to beginner yogis, but also to advanced practitioners. Not only dedicated to a variety of yoga styles, the channel also has mobility resources that will help you get more mobile or better at a sport you currently do, such as running and cycling.

Dancing is a great form of cardio and it does not have to equate to Zumba. The Fitness Marshall’s channel offers dance-based cardio workouts timed to top pop and hip-hop hits, making every session invigorating, exciting, guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

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