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All the best free workout apps to smash your fitness goals

Workout apps have become an essential part of modern fitness. Useful as well as handy, they can turn your smartphone into an essential workout partner. Providing exercise routines whilst tracking one’s progress, they make it easier for us to keep to our workout goals.

If you have set a weight-loss target for 2021, technology has a solution for you. Whether it is to get fitter, trim the fat, or improve strength and flexibility, there is an app for that. If you have made fitness a resolution this year, here are some free workout apps to download.

For runners: Nike Run Club

Start racking up those running miles with the Nike Run Club App. It not only guides and inspires you to run but does so in a fun way. Key features include guided runs and personalised coaching. You can also put a running soundtrack together via the custom Apple Music playlist. The Nike Run Club App also tracks your progress and distance clocked by your shoes. A Run Together feature allows you to compare your performance against fellow runners, which you can brag about on social media.

For busy bees: Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Make the most of every minute with the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App. Unlike most workout apps, this one provides users with classic seven-minute routines. Presently it carries over 70 exercises with more than 20 customisable workouts. That equates to over 1,000 combos, which users can access anywhere and anytime. There are also routines that are longer than seven minutes with a range of intensities.

To stretch and destress: Yoga For Beginners

For those who want an introduction to yoga, this app provides the necessary routines to get you up to speed. The app offers free yoga classes with themed routines targeted for fat burning, as well as toning and flexibility. Each yoga session ranges between 7 to 14 minutes, so you can tailor your workout according to your free time. Yoga For Beginners also allows you to track your previous workouts and daily weight to monitor progress.

Targeted approach: Daily workouts fitness trainer

This basically puts a personal trainer on your smartphone. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer offers quick and effective workouts with varying timeframes. Full body workouts are presented through HD videos ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. Short on time? opt for the shorter 5 to 10-minute targeted workouts instead. You can also customise focus areas such as abs, arms, legs as well as cardio and strength.

Best for core: Sworkit

Need to flatten that tummy and strengthen that mid-section? Then this core-centric workout app is the answer. With Sworkit you can choose from three different workout levels. There are also routines with different focus areas such as back, abs and core. Personal trainers guide you through the workouts via video demos. Sworkit has over 400 unique workouts and more than 800 exercises, which means you will never get bored.

All round fitness: Freeletics

This all-round workout app is perfect for tracking fitness goals or getting yourself out of a fitness rut. Freelectics can put together a daily workout routine based on gym equipment or your own body weight. Combine High Intensity Training (HIT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods for better results. Freelectics has over 1,000 training variations for you to achieve those body transformation goals. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes, which is ideal for time-constrained individuals.

This story was first published on Augustman Singapore.

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