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Break records with the best shoes for indoor cycling today

If there’s one thing that’s the bane of spin classes, it’s wearing the wrong pair of shoes. 

Spinning is an excellent choice if you’re looking to build endurance, tone your lower body, and burn the caloric equivalent of two meals, but all the hard work you’re putting in can easily be overshadowed by blisters and numbness from ill-fitting shoes. Wear anything too loose and you’ll feel your feet slipping and sliding throughout the session too.

For those invested in spinning during these homebound times, there are plenty of indoor spin shoes that will take you through your daily Peloton sprint without causing lasting damage to your toes, ankles, and everywhere in between. Just as how the perfect running shoes differ for each runner, spin shoes do not come in one specific package, and can cater to everything from strap preference to arch support, as well as cleat compatibility.

If you’re ready to break some records, here are the best spin shoes for indoor cycling today.

Nike’s first ever indoor cycling shoe — set to release globally on 1 June — couldn’t have come at a better time. Created with stability and breathability for biking at home, the SuperRep Cycle tackles common feedback by riders with several smart features. 

A lightweight, translucid mesh on the upper, as well as a perforated sockliner and vents through the bottom of the plate encourages airflow around the toes, preventing heavy, wet shoes during those sweaty sessions. A support arc on the shoe’s medial side also helps keep feet secured during lateral and out-of-seat movements, preventing injury in the long run. A simplified closure system makes slipping in and out hassle-free, while rubber studs and textured toe plates provide traction, regardless of whether you’re on or off the bike.

Unlike other options on the market, these spinning shoes come with cleats and pedals designed specifically for the shoe. Besides being fashioned out of an extremely lightweight carbon microfibre material, the shoe’s also outfitted with buckled velcro straps for optimum fit and foot stability. The leather is also non-stitched and interlaced with a mesh composition throughout for breathability, while a center tongue separation allows for more freedom of movement.


Clip-in shoes can be tiresome especially when you have to hobble to and from your bike, but these Tiem Slipsteams promise to change that. The cycling shoes have been designed to look and feel like your favourite pair of sneakers instead, especially since all the hard, inflexible bits have been done away with. A recessed cleat design means the part where you clip your shoes in isn’t sticking out too. 

Convenience is also a major plus here, with a single-strapped velcro closure system that makes slipping in and out of them incredibly easy.


If you can’t wait to take to the outdoors as much as we do, these Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor shoes are just as capable of fun trail rides as they are indoors. A stiff nylon fibreglass sole allows for maximum power transfer with every pedal revolution, while breathable mesh uppers and air vents on the outsoles help keep your feet cool throughout the session. Besides, these shoes are known to be lightweight and extremely durable, making them one you can go the distance with. 


Prefer securing your shoes the good ol’ fashioned way? Specialized’s Remix shoes are for those who prefer the personalised fit of laces over velcro straps or buckles. The Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds are ergonomically designed for increased efficiency and reduced injury, especially since it optimises hip, knee, and foot alignment. 

The shoe’s also big on breathability with its welded mesh upper, while a two-bolt system works just as well at spin class and road riding.


Designed to ease you into the world of spinning, this entry-level shoe is just as durable as it is versatile, from road-riding and daily commuting to indoor classes. Besides a durable synthetic leather upper that hugs your foot for all-day comfort, ventilated mesh portions also cool your feet after a particularly sweaty session. Power transfer is courtesy of the stiff fibreglass reinforced polyamide sole, while the cleat area has been made compatible with a range of bikes, making it the perfect platform for you to get started. 

Break records with the best shoes for indoor cycling today

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