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5 best yoga classes in Singapore to ace your zen goals

Yoga is often derided as a feminine activity, with little to no potential to getting you fit. It’s also associated with numerous stereotypes, and seen as boring, which puts off the majority from giving it a try. These are all false, of course.

Yoga is a highly complex physical activity that can be both relaxing and vigorous. There are a variety of categories, from hatha, vinyasa, bikram and such, with an uncountable number of poses as well as breathing techniques to learn. Aside from the well-known benefit of helping you achieve some inner peace, going to yoga classes can also help people with chronic pain, especially those aches that go hand-in-hand with a desk-bound job.

It might not be for everyone, but if you’re ready to give it a shot, the sheer amount of studios and yoga classes in Singapore can be quite overwhelming. To cut through the fat and get you closer to the zen you crave, we’ve isolated 5 unique classes that’ll suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a good night’s sleep or to sweat it out.

For inner peace, try Pure Yoga's 30-minute meditation classes

As Aisah, a yoga instructor said during a class, “Meditation in today’s age has become a necessity, not a luxury.” We spend all day attached to technological devices, dealing with ever-surmounting pressure. It’s a good practice to switch off for 30 minutes a day, and if you can’t do it on your own, Pure Yoga’s meditation classes are here to assist you.

Currently, there are three meditation styles on the menu. Pranayama focuses on invigorating breathing techniques, Nada Yoga engages you in meditating, while Yoga Nidra helps you curb sleeping issues by engaging you in conscious sleep. Go into one of these during lunch, or after work, and feel all the better for the week. You don’t have to do much contorting either.

Click for the class schedules, and Pure Yoga locations islandwide.

For hot yoga, try Hom Yoga's Hot Hatha class

Hot yoga may seem a daunting prospect, but Hom Yoga’s version of the class will have you feeling brand new right after. You just have to get through performing 26 postures in room heated to 38 degrees Celsius to melt off the stress, and experience muscles that ache far less than when you stepped into the studio.

Click for the class schedules, and Hom Yoga locations islandwide.

To strengthen your core, try The Yoga Collective's Core classes

If you’ve seen Sandra Riley Tang’s Instagram, you’ll know The Sam Willows’ singer is also a serious fitness junkie. The Yoga Collective is founded by Tang and Pamela Yeo, two incredibly fit women who’ll help whip your abs into shape with this core class. The studio also mimics a home, providing a comfortable environment for you to let loose and sweat it out.

Click for the class schedules, and The Yoga Collective locations islandwide.

For the basics, try Meraki Yoga's Foundation classes

Get your yoga basics down at Meraki Yoga’s Foundation classes, done in a group setting with tons of guidance, so you’ll really learn to appreciate the movements. Each class runs for an hour, and this is particularly convenient for people who live or work around the west as Meraki is situated near One-North.

Click for the class schedules, and Meraki Yoga locations islandwide.

To challenge yourself, try Yoga Lab's Flow classes

If you’re already at an intermediate level and want to experiment with new poses, Yoga Lab’s Flow classes are a fast-paced and dynamic option to explore. Flow yoga is also known as Vinyasa, and instead of the poses being static, they segue into one another to create a fluid sequence, coupled with breathing techniques. It’s best to know your basic movements before attempting this class.

Click for the class schedules, and Yoga Lab locations islandwide.

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