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Follow BLACKPINK Jennie’s fitness regimen to achieve your dream body

BLACKPINK member Jennie never fails to amaze us with her dedication to fitness and healthy living despite her jam-packed schedule. Thick in the midst of a world tour, a Coachella performance, filming a HBO drama series, and countless brand endorsements, Jennie sticks to her diet plan and workout routine to maximise her productivity. Interestingly, the singer’s simple meal goals and stimulating workouts aren’t very arduous yet give incredible results.

Jennie follows a simple-yet-effective fitness routine and diet plan. She is here to remind us that a little bit every day goes a long way, especially if we want to reach our fitness goals. With a little discipline and planning, anyone can easily follow her fitness tips, even at a beginner’s level. 

Get inspired by BLACKPINK Jennie’s fitness regime

1. Pilates to strengthen the core

The Chanel ambassador loves Pilates and tries to engage in hour-long sessions or even more at least five days a week. The K-pop idol has also given a sneak peek into her Pilates sessions via social media, making everyone gush over her incredible strength and flexibility.

But why Pilates? This system of exercise works wonders for physical strength, flexibility, and posture. In addition, it boosts the mobility of most body muscles, with a particular focus on core areas like abdominal muscles, hip muscles, gluteal muscles, lower and upper back muscles, and inner thigh muscles.

It’s also hassle-free and beginner-friendly, as you only require a mat to get started.


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2. Aerial yoga to relax the body and mind

According to Sportskeeda, Jennie started practising aerial yoga a few years back alongside fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo. We can see the singer flaunting her toned figure in an Instagram post, with the caption highlighting that aerial yoga helps her attain a ‘peaceful mind’.

Instead of performing yoga poses on a mat, aerial yoga utilises a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to achieve those same movements. This gravity-defying yoga is highly therapeutic. It cures back pain, improves lung capacity and flexibility, and is a great stress reliever. Additionally, it increases balance, improves focus, and boosts energy levels. 

Signing up for a class is the best way to get started with aerial yoga. Then, once you have mastered the practice, you can set up your own station at home.


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3. Outdoor workout to add variety and fun to the routine

Venturing outdoors boosts adrenaline and feels less strenuous than indoor exercises. Jennie makes sure to spruce up her workout by discovering new trails in the bounty of nature.

Outdoor workouts act as a natural antidepressant, maximising performance. Working out in sunlight increases serotonin, a ‘feel-good’ hormone that regulates mood and exercising itself releases endorphins for a quick pick-me-up! Get a pass to your nearest sports park, go hiking, hit the beach or swim your heart out, there are plenty of outdoor workout options to try once in a while.


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Jennie’s diet plan

If you follow Jennie on social media, you’ll know she loves to indulge in delicious and sometimes not-so-healthy meals. She likes to maintain a balanced diet with occasional cheat days. According to a report in Sportskeeda, Jennie prefers a quick breakfast on most days comprising fruits or whole-grain toast before she starts her workout routine.

This is followed by an avocado salad for lunch. As for dinner, Jennie eats porridge alongside a glass of detox juice. Salads, light meals, and detox juices work best for her.

Additionally, the K-pop star avoids eating salty food as an excess of it leads to bloating, fluid retention and causes swelling in the hands, feet, and face.


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We love Jennie’s refreshing yet robust approach to wellness.

 Hero and feature image: Courtesy jennierubyjane/Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What workout does BLACKPINK do?

Answer: BLACKPINK members Jennie and Rosé indulge in Pilates while Lisa and Jisoo dance their way to burn calories.

Question: What is Jennie's biggest healthy habit?

Answer: Jennie is very disciplined when it comes to her diet. She eats salads, prefers light meals in addition to drinking detox juices.

Question: How much does Jennie from BLACKPINK weigh?

Answer: While an exact figure isn't available, several reports suggest that Jennie weighs between 45-50 kg.

Question: How does Jennie keep herself fit?

Answer: The BLACKPINK member follows a healthy meal plan and works out often to keep herself fit.

Question: What diet does Jennie follow?

Answer: Jennie likes to maintain a balanced diet with occasional cheat days.

Follow BLACKPINK Jennie’s fitness regimen to achieve your dream body

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