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Chakra healing for beginners: How to rebalance your seven chakras

Throughout this year, tuning into our mental health and physical wellbeing has been more important than ever. You might have noticed a sense of internal unbalance, or you might even have noticed you have been more sensitive to feelings and emotions when they arise. Chakra healing will do plenty to help with that, read on if you’re a beginner looking to start your journey in this spiritual therapy.

The uncertainty of the surrounding environment will have certainly played its part, but the state of our energetic health may also be of influence. Metaphysical teachings across the world examine the importance of energetic balance. The subtle energies in our bodies that work to create equilibrium for our mental and physical wellness are called chakras. Unexplained symptoms, feelings of numbness or low motivation may be caused by an imbalance in these chakras.

OMSA chakra crystal healing

Being able to identify and heal your chakras is a powerful way to retune your energetic health. It can help to sustain a balance that keeps us healthy, happy and at our optimal wellbeing. This article will share ways that you can rebalance your chakras using crystals and rituals of visualization.

What are Chakras?

Our chakras are our body’s main energy centres. There are seven main chakras located from the base of the spine all the way up to the crown of our head. Chakras (Sanskrit for ‘wheel’) maintain the natural, healthy energy cycles of the body. When functioning properly, they provide the right balance of energy to regulate our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

It’s common for chakras to become depleted, over-active or blocked, especially when exposed to modern-day stressors, trauma or lack of self-care.

How can I rebalance my Chakras?

Working with the vibrational frequency of crystals is one of the ways chakras can be tuned and revitalized. Crystals are one of nature’s sources of energetic power. As humans, we emit our own frequencies or vibrations, which are based on our mood, interactions and environment. High-vibration frequencies are positive feelings of happiness, love and gratitude, whereas low-vibration frequencies include negative feelings of anger, despair and fear. By contrast, crystals act as a stable source of vibrations owing to their rock density and natural geometric construct. As such, the interaction between humans and crystals can help raise our own vibrations to reframe our mindset and emotions.

Placing crystals over our chakra can begin our healing process. Here we guide beginners through how you can rebalance you seven chakras and call on greater healing with techniques of visualization and words of affirmation.

OMSA chakra crystal healing

Starting from the root chakra or base of your spine, slowly work your way upwards.

Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine

Associated colour: Red
Energy focus: Stability, Grounding, Physical energy, Security, Safety
Stones for balancing: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Lie on your front and place your chosen crystal on the base of your spine.
2. Now bring yourself into the visualisation by imagining your bare feet touching the earth. Visualise a glowing red light encompassing you. Feel into the emotions of safety, protection and rootedness.
3. Repeat the affirmation: I am safe, I am supported.

Sacral Chakra: Located at the pelvic area (below the navel)

Associated colour: Orange
Energy focus: Creativity, Birth, Sexuality, Desire, Emotion
Stones for balancing: Calcite, Desert Rose

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Lie on your back and place your chosen crystal below your navel.
2. Visualisation: Imagine fluid movement in your body. Bring to mind everything that ignites your passion and fire for life (channel the flamenco dancer emoji!). Rest in how that feels in your body.
3. Repeat the affirmation: I feel freely expressive of my emotions.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Located at the stomach area

Associated colours: Yellow, Gold
Energy focus: Ambition, Personal power, Commitment, Self-esteem, Self-worth
Stones for balancing: Citrine, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, Aragonite

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Place your chosen crystal on your stomach.
2. Visualisation: Imagine the energy of a thousand suns. Their force of energy is propelling you towards your dreams. Envision a torch to melt away any obstacles that stand between you and your goals.
3. Repeat the affirmation: All I desire is within my grasp.

OMSA chakra crystal healing

Heart Chakra: Located at the centre of the chest

Associated colours: Green, Pink
Energy focus: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Emotional balance, Giving & receiving
Stones for balancing: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Apophyllite

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Place your chosen crystal over your heart area.
2. Visualisation: Envision that you are breathing in a mist that is pink. This mist. Represents unconditional love. As you breathe out, this mist transmutes into any grief, sadness or heartbreak leaving your body. With each breath, visualise the heart become revitalised, beating with renewed vigour and pumping unconditional love to every cell in your body.
3. Affirmation: I am unconditional love. I receive and give love with ease

Throat Chakra: Located at the throat (above collar bone)

Associated colour: Blue
Energy focus: Communication centre, Expression, Deep listening
Stones for balancing: Azurite Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Place your chosen crystal on or over your throat
2. Visualisation: Imagine a bird being released from its cage, as it soars into an infinite sky it releases its tuneful song. Evoke the feeling of freedom in self-expression and sharing your voice.
3. Affirmation: I speak my truth to listening ears. I express myself freely and without restriction

Third Eye Chakra: Located at the centre of the forehead (between the eyebrows)

Associated colours: Indigo, Purple
Energy focus: Intuition, Spiritual awareness, Psychic power
Stones for balancing: Amethyst, Unakite, Clear Quartz

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Place your chosen crystal in the centre of your forehead.
2. Visualisation: Imagine a third eye awakening in the space between your eyebrows. You are holding a compass in front of you, this compass is guided by your gut instinct, it is leading you to all of your dreams.
3. Affirmation: I see beyond what is in front of me. I trust and rely on my instinct to guide me.

Crown Chakra: Located at the crown (top of the head)

Associated colours: Violet, White
Energy focus: Awareness, Divine consciousness, Enlightenment
Stones for balancing: Selenite, Specularite, Himalayan Quartz

Rebalancing ritual:
1. Place your chosen crystal above your head (if you are lying down it can be lightly touching the top of your head.
2. Visualisation: imagine your body is coated in a glowing halo of golden healing light. The light is expanding, cleansing and healing. It reaches out from you to touch everything around you. The space around you is becoming lighter and lighter.
3. Affirmation: I know I am a part of something greater than myself. I am connected to everything that is infinite.

Closing off the Rebalancing Session

Now that you’ve worked individually on each chakra, check back in with yourself. How do you feel now? Does anything feel different? Were there any areas you needed to spend more time on?

Visualize your chakras in a line now, stacked one on top of each other, radiating with renewed vibrance, brighter than ever. Feel each cell in your body reflect this feeling and frequency. Bottle up this feeling, carry it forward into your day and draw upon it when you need to.

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Chakra healing for beginners: How to rebalance your seven chakras

Valerie founded OMSA in 2019 after finding inspiration through various modes of alternative healing. After over a decade of working in fast-paced corporate environments, she felt her intuition leading her towards self-discovery and holistic balance. The vision for OMSA from the very beginning has been to create a conscious, high-vibrational community that encourages connection, growth and discovery. Before long, a wellness and mystic shop for the modern age was born. Two years on, Valerie’s balanced Libra energy continues to infuse all that she touches. She describes OMSA as a safe place of discovery where people can find their inner magic. She strongly believes that changing the world starts with healing ourselves by embracing more love, gratitude and empathy.

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