Crystal energy candles — why haven’t we thought of this amazing combination sooner?

Apart from perfuming your home with fragrances that put you in a good mood instantly, these mini gems help to dispel negative energy. Place them together and you’ve got a beautiful addition to any home that’ll emit a ton of positive energy.

The ones we’re championing are crafted by home-grown retailers too, so you’ll be doing your part in #supportinglocal while balancing your inner chi. From quartz and amethyst crystals to lavender and citrus scents, here are the best crystal energy candles to burn the bad juju away.

(Hero and featured image credit: @ninewickerave via Instagram)

Nine Wicker Ave

These gorgeous crystal candles from Nine Wicker Ave aren’t just pretty to look at — they smell pretty amazing too. Take Havana for instance, a 220-gram candle that’s bursting with all the familiar scents of a beachside Mojito — minus the travelling to Cuba of course. Inside, you’ll find a mix of magnesite and amazonite, soothing stones that help calm you down and maximise positive energy.

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Jacob and Jaeger Candles

If you’re looking for a smaller candle with similar properties, these ones from Jacob and Jaeger Candles are a pretty good bet. The small, local business only has two scents for now — the English Pear & Freesia and Sandalwood Musk — with amethyst and jasper quartz to relieve stress and anxiety.

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The Pur.pose candles from th.eo.retical don’t just contain purple amethyst, strawberry quartz and clear quartz to help dispel any negativities and tap on your intuition, they’re also made with a soothing lavender scent perfect for bedtime.

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the rituals co.

Wellness and aromatherapy come together in each one of the products from the rituals co., handcrafted in small batches using eco-friendly, recycled and reusable materials. Sweeten up your room with the Rose Bouquet Crystal Candle, a rose quartz-laden, floral scented candle with hints of lemon peel and wild honey. Besides a whole bunch of other candle scents to choose from, the rituals co. also has crystal reed diffusers for those who aren’t keen on lighting up.

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