There are only two types of weather to experience while living in the tropics: intense heat or incessant downpour.

To be completely honest, blue skies don’t necessarily mean we stay dry either. Our geographical location results in high humidity in Singapore, meaning we’re constantly exposed to high water vapour levels in the atmosphere, whether we like it or not.

What many don’t realise is that high levels of humidity can cause the growth of mould, dust mites and other allergens, which in turn decreases air quality and your overall health.

Some are small enough to be placed in your cupboards and drawers (Image credit: Shopee)

So how do you reduce the moisture in the air, you ask? This monsoon season, we’re championing the use of a dehumidifier in your home. By making use of this handy device, you can curb mould growth, inhibit dust mite populations and even decrease Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels.

If you’re wondering where to even begin searching for one, fret not. Read on for a list of our favourite dehumidifiers you can get in Singapore.

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If you’re looking for a dehumidifier for smaller areas like your wardrobe, this handy one will do the job. With 360-degree absorption throughout the device and a lifespan of two to three weeks after each charge, this mini dehumidifier is ideal for those who need to remove moisture from cosier spaces.

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The compact ION PUREAIR Dehumidifier is slightly larger than the previous one but is still small enough to move around rooms if you’re looking for a flexible alternative. It can absorb up to 1300 millilitres of water in its tank, and homeowners only need to drain the tank once every few days. This handy one also comes with a three-month local warranty for manufacturer defects.

S$39.90 - S$65.90
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This small, sleek dehumidifier isn’t your average one. Many devices in the market have the tendency to create hot wind during the dehumidification process, which results in an increase in room temperature, a less than ideal situation in our weather. The M1000 from Voar, however, makes use of a special technology that removes moisture without heat and boasts a dual air cleaning function as well.

S$29.15 - S$179.56
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The Mute Dehumidifier is a hefty one made for larger spaces. Besides a large water tank capacity of 2200 millilitres, it also does its job with minimal noise (around 25 decibels, which is basically a whisper) so that you can work or sleep without disturbance.

S$58.80 - S$67.80
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The Novita Dehumidifier may be pricier compared to the other devices on this list, but it comes with a whole set of features that measure up to its cost. For starters, it comes with an enhanced dual mesh activated carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odour and filter fine particles, and a semi-permanent, built-in ionizer that helps keep airborne allergens and germs at bay.

You don’t have to worry about the water tank overflowing either — this dehumidifier comes with an auto-stop function and a full tank indicator to let you know when it’s time to drain the tank.

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