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How to detox and recover after that epic CNY binge

We know that scenario all too well: Your head is pounding like a jackhammer and your stomach feels the equivalent of 10 rollercoaster rides at a go. And if you’re still reeling from the regret of poor food and drink choices over the long weekend, maybe you need a detox.

Like all holidays, Chinese New Year was a great time for family and friends — both close and long-forgotten — to finally get together again. Then there was the incredible food and drinks. It marked a time when all logic went out the window, when even bak kwa seemed like a sensible option to binge on. Then there was all the yu sheng you tossed, the grand reunion dinner you stuffed yourself at, and all your favourite cookies, sodas, and liquors you’d been waiting all year for.

But we’re not big on being party poopers. After all, this joyous occasion only happens once a year — only you’ll have to work harder to make up for it after. Thankfully, your best option is not to starve, but to eat right. These foods not only detox, but might even get your body into better shape than it was before.

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If you’ve drunk (or eaten) way too much this festive season, tea might be your best bet. Chamomile, ginger or liquorice tea will soothe and relax your stomach. For the alcoholics, fennel and mint works wonders for headaches and stomach cramps, especially with the addition of honey.

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Restoring the flora in your gut will not only aid in the digestion and metabolism of alcohol, but also keep your immunity in check. Foods like yogurt, kombucha, and natto are easy ways to incorporate it into your diet.

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Green foods

Fill your refrigerator with wheatgrass, spinach, kale and arugula to give your digestive tract a detoxifying boost of chlorophyll. The B-vitamins in them work to aid in metabolising alcohol and supporting new red blood cell growth while restoring energy levels, so if you conscientiously add foods with these into your diet, you’ll be on track again in no time.

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Ranked one of the 10 more potent antioxidant vegetables for its phytochemical and mineral composition, beets are your tastiest bet at purifying your blood and cleansing the liver. After all that heartburn the past few days, we’re sure you could use a bit of TLC in the region. Beets lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease with their high nitrate content.

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Coconut water

This is another one for the boozy bunch. Dehydration from excessive drinking causes your body to be dehydrated, and you lose vital minerals like potassium. Restoring them is key to lowering your blood pressure and feeling whole again. Getting potassium back into your system with coconut water (or even bananas) will also help counter the effects of bloating from ingesting too much sodium from salty snacks.

How to detox and recover after that epic CNY binge

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