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Fitness trends in 2019 will embrace technology and body awareness

Working out three times a week as per the 2019 resolution you proudly set out last week sounds almost non-committal, right? Except it is. Which is why for a long time now we’ve has set out with new ways in shaking up the way we stay fit.

Fitness trends are a clear sign of the times. It should come as absolutely no surprise then that technology will play an even bigger part in your fitness routine this year. Novelty aside, the convenience that technology provides will be unparalleled in the fitness world. For perspective, you don’t even need a personal trainer to be physically next to you at your personal training sessions anymore. 

Then there’s the shift towards awareness. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the number on the scale; they want to know the nitty-gritties of their progress, from heart health to sleep quality. 

Here’s all the fitness trends this year you’ll want to get in on now.

Streaming workouts

Sweat by Kayla has become a cult favourite and revolutionised the way people exercise. (Image: Kayla Itsines)

The age-old excuse of being too tired to head to the gym might be a thing of the past this year. Now that we’re all glued to our phones, it only made sense for companies to offer virtual workout options in a bid to get people moving again.

ClassPass’ Go app offers more than 600 guided sessions that cater from running to strength training, while Kayla Itsines imparts her bikini body secrets through her cult meal-planning and workout app, Sweat with Kayla. Meanwhile, Amazon’s audiobook feature Audible has incorporated fitness app Aaptiv to its repertoire, providing HIIT and meditation courses.

Virtual reality

The 270° Immersive Fitness studio in Pure Fitness Ngee Ann City. (Photo credit: Pure Fitness)

Heralded the new frontier in training, virtual reality has already been adopted by thousands of gyms and health clubs internationally, most notably in big brands such as Pure Fitness and Virgin Active. In Singapore, the former offers Les Mills spin classes that transport you out of your misery and into a psychedelic world of computer-generated landscapes. Multi-player scenarios will also up the competition, push you out of your comfort zone, and eventually help you hit your fitness goals faster than expected. A little gimmicky, but everyone could use a distraction sometimes. 

You’ll WhatsApp your PT instead

You won’t have to rush to make the 6pm appointment with your personal trainer anymore. Not only is this a largely more economical way of getting the guidance you need, you’ll also enjoy the  flexibility of completing your workout at a more convenient time, especially for seasoned gym-goers. Upon sending a video recording of your entire training session, personal trainers will then check for correct form and techniques, making the entire experience just as educational and fulfilling.

Fitness wearables

The Apple Watch Series 4 now comes with enhanced heart-tracking functions. (Photo credit: Apple)

More than just an accessory that tells people you spend more time in tights than pants, fitness wearables and trackers provide invaluable data for those serious about their progress. Apple convinced us of this when they recently doubled-down on their heart rate monitor with an electrocardiogram (ECG) function on the Apple Watch Series 4, which enables a more in-depth analysis of its users’ heart health beyond the usual heart rate. 

Meanwhile, Fitbit’s latest Charge 3 sees more advanced heart rate sensors that work with algorithms to uncover insights on your heart, while giving real-time feedback to ensure you’re making the most of every workout. 

Sleep coaching

Yet another reason why wearables are paying more attention to tracking your sleep. Knowing how many REM hours you clock in at night is key to learning how your body manages stress and recovery, and has been found to be directly related to performance and weight loss goals. The good news is that sleep coaching is increasingly becoming an offering at meditation and yoga studios, so you’ll learn how to wind down — the right way. 

HIIT workouts with a twist

Photo credit: Yoga Movement

We’ve already seen this happening the past year but HIIT workouts are set to become more hybridised than ever before, and with some unlikely suspects. Besides the usual boxing and Muay Thai-infused workouts, yoga and Pilates classes will also be kicked up a notch with the heart-pumping routine.

Fitness trends in 2019 will embrace technology and body awareness

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