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Fuel up: 5 pre-workout supplements for an extra boost

It’s not always what you do in the gym that counts. What you do before the workout is equally important, and it can really accelerate your fitness goals. Designed to increase focus and endurance, the right pre-workout supplements will fuel you through an intense sweat session. So besides blasting through that gruelling HIIT session, you’ll see significant improvements in anaerobic peak and power. It’s also important to choose the right one for your needs.

Those who need that extra hit of energy can opt for supplements packed with electrolytes and moderate amounts of caffeine. A little vitamin B will do the trick in preventing fatigue and muscle weakness, while a formula containing BCAA will help tremendously in preventing muscle soreness after.

To make your sessions more effective, we’ve collated five that you might find useful. From Neat Nutrition’s wholesome mix of BCAAs to Jym’s powerful concoction of muscle-loving ingredients, these pre-workout supplements will have you seeing better results faster.

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Neat Nutrition BCAA Powder

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) have been put back into the spotlight for their ability to stimulate protein synthesis within the body — which can be compounded by factors such as dieting, decreased energy, or metabolic changes — while reducing the rate of protein breakdown simultaneously. Neat Nutrition’s version has a mix of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine BCAAs, which enhance exercise performance by repairing damaged muscles and increasing muscle function. The result is faster recovery time and better results.

S$29, Neat Nutrition

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Bodyism Body Brilliance supplement

Metabolism is fundamental in calorie-burning. A higher metabolic rate will help you burn more calories long after you’ve stopped exercising. Bodyism’s Body Brilliance supplement is a protein-packed formula that is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients such as turmeric and green tea extract, which also stimulate metabolism. Guarana and the brand’s special Lacto Fermented Supergreens Blend flush out toxins too, leaving you a tad leaner and healthier.

S$77, Bodyism

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Jym Pre Jym

Using optimal doses of each ingredient necessary to give best results, this pre-workout formula contains good stuff like six solid grams of citrulline malate — which delays the onset of fatigue — and another 6g of BCAA in a ratio best suited for boosting and promoting muscle growth. Because it contains 13 essential ingredients at proper, powerful doses, each serving size is more than 26g, which is larger than usual “propriety blends” in the market.

S$56, GNC

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The Nue Co. Energy Food + Prebiotic supplement

For something a little less hardcore, The Nue Co.’s organic energy-enhancing prebiotic supplement is an organic blend of maca, beetroot, goji berries and brown rice protein that delivers a sustained energy boost instead of a sudden peak-and-crash. The prebiotic Inulin inside assists in the stabilisation of blood sugar levels, and together with the rest of the ingredients, help boost immunity. Blend into smoothies or milk for a tasty pre-workout snack.

S$105, The Nue Co.

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy

For a quick pick-me-up before you hit the gym or anytime you need a boost, Protein Energy gives you a solid 20g of protein that also comes with a good dose of caffeine — as much as a cup of coffee. Inside, green tea extract, vitamins B6, B12 and E give the blend an antioxidant boost. With less than 1g of sugar per serving, this option will fire you up during those sluggish mid work days or when you have the pre-workout blues.

S$42, Optimum Nutrition

Fuel up: 5 pre-workout supplements for an extra boost

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