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Get psyched up at the best spin classes in Singapore

If cycling’s your jam, you shouldn’t let the dull cycling machine at your gym hold you back. Now that the spinning trend has achieved a whole new level of fandom (mostly thanks to New York City-based SoulCycle), the world has seen more and more gyms make space for the specialty flywheel bikes in an effort to compete with the trendy boutique ones. And if you’re finding it hard to find one suitable for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best spin classes in Singapore now.

Far from your leisurely bicycle rides at the park, spin classes promise body and mind transformations via sessions of highly enthusiastic, music-pumping workouts on a stationary bike with varying levels of tension. The high-intensity cardio regime burns between 400 to 600 calories, but you’ll tip that figure if you play your cards right. Other benefits include building muscle tone, increased cardio endurance, and easily trackable progress. As a low impact exercise, it won’t put pressure on knees and joints like running will, making it suitable for those recovering from injuries.

Regardless of your fitness goal, the best spin classes in Singapore are those which can keep you pumped during and after the workout. Here, you’ll find the most enthusiastic instructors, the trippiest lighting, and multi-sensory experiences.

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Anthem 45

The cardio-centric workout is mashed with upper body and core work at this fresh, stylish studio, moving between various levels of intensity throughout so you get the most out of your time without even getting off the bike. As you peddle away to dance music and disco lights, the interactive screens register your bike’s performance, providing a real time indicator of your performance. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, take part in races where you’ll sprint and climb against your fellow spinners. As a bonus, your final performance figures will be emailed to you, so you can keep track of your progress.

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Athlete Lab Mountain Madness

Rather than cycling ‘old school’ flywheel bikes that most other spin studios offer, Athlete Lab uses real road bikes that sit on rollers and record your data in real time. According to co-owner Michael Flynn, the flywheel distorts the pedal stroke action and engages different muscle groups than when you cycle on a real road bike. This means you’ll get a more efficient workout with optimum muscle development, besides getting your cardio fix. Mountain Madness is a class that incorporates roads and climbs that have been made famous by professional cyclists. You’ll be riding the stuff of champions, sort of.

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Inspired by trendy Los Angeles spinning joints, it didn’t take long for CruCycle at Duxton Road to quickly establish itself as the studio to be seen at. Mashing indoor cycling with an infectious club-like atmosphere, the 50-minute class promises a challenging full-body workout, activating all muscle groups while promoting a sense of community (or “the pack”, as they call it) as you and your fellow spinners stay in beat throughout. The class caters for all levels of intensity and capabilities, so you won’t be left behind as a beginner.

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Pure Fitness Immersive Fitness — The Trip

The award for the coolest, most techy option goes to Pure Fitness’ 270° Immersive Fitness studio. Located at the gym’s Ngee Ann City branch, the expansive space houses Les Mills’ The Trip, an indoor cycling experience that takes you through a different dimension in space via a curved screen. The dark room, cinema-quality graphics and pumping music means you’ll be distracted enough to not feel the fatigue, and motivated enough to keep going.

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Aquaspin Aqua Signature

For all its benefits, aqua exercises have carried the stigma of being a grandmother’s activity — until now. Unlike spinning on dry land, Aquaspin requires you to slap on some sunscreen and don your swimmers as you head into an open-air pool and onto a partially submerged bike. Besides legwork, the class will work on biceps, triceps and even abs, before finishing with high-intensity sprints. Because it’s an aquatic workout, there’ll be less strain on your joints and lesser lactic acid build-up after. However, the fact that you’re burning up to 800 calories a session should be enough reason to sign up.

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Virgin Active Flight X

Time shouldn’t be an excuse but if it is, Virgin Active’s Flight X is a 30-minute workout that takes you on an exhilarating music-motivated ride that’s catered to your level of motivation that day. Whether you choose an easy ride after a hard day at work, or prefer to start your morning with an all-out session, the Flight X is a convenient way to get your workout sorted for the day. If you’re craving a longer session, The Sufferfest and the full gamut of Les Mills programmes (SPRINT, RPM and THE TRIP) are available in clubs which have a Cycle Studio.

Get psyched up at the best spin classes in Singapore

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