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Countless new sports and training regimens have come and gone over the years, but few have endured the test of time like CrossFit. Since Greg Glassman and his then-wife Lauren Jenai put forth the sport in 2000, the world-famous regimen have spawned thousands of gyms — or boxes, as the CrossFit #fam prefers to call them — all preaching the same message: That you don’t need glitz and gadgets to fashion yourself into a lean mean muscle machine.

The sport hence combines functional movement with gymnastics, weight training, and metabolic conditioning, focusing heavily on intensity to torch serious calories while building strength at a significantly faster rate. Other benefits include a spike in your metabolism even post-WOD (Workout of the day, a popular jargon that describes most CrossFit workouts), as well as a boost in cardio health and mobility from the fast-paced exercises. 

To get you started on your journey, here are some of the best CrossFit gyms in Singapore to get jacked up at. 

CrossFit Mobilus
CrossFit Mobilus

CrossFit Mobilus isn’t just known for being one of the largest CrossFit boxes in Singapore; it also has some of the friendliest and most passionate people you’ll find in the sport. Camaraderie is big here, as is the competitive spirit, so be prepared to push yourself to break personal records and hitting goals in no time at all.

Those looking to squeeze a quick session in during lunch will enjoy the MobCon, a 30-minute metabolic condition class that’s specifically designed to increase stamina. There, you’ll try to go through the WOD within the shortest time possible, and this set of partner exercises can range from spinning to barbell deadlifts. 

CrossFit Fire City
CrossFit Fire City

It’s not all numbers and reps at CrossFit Fire City, this box is known for “chasing virtuosity”, where technique is just as, if not more important. Here, the classes are just as diverse as its participants. The WOD here combines elements of metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, and gymnastics, all of which change everyday to keep you on your toes. 

Meanwhile, the Olympic Lifting class incorporates overhead lifts that involve a full body range of motion, while the Metcon class revs up the metabolism with a series of specialised movements that include a go at the rowing machine. The Team Workout is also a popular option for those who enjoy a good challenge with fellow CrossFit-obsessed friends.

Actualize CrossFit
Actualize CrossFit

If you’re new and looking to dip your toes into the often intimidating world of CrossFit, Actualize CrossFit offers a one-hour introductory session that aims to dispel any myths about the regimen. As with all the other boxes, no workout is the same and you’ll be pushed to working on different aspects of strength or conditioning. 

While the WOD takes centre stage here as majority of the classes, the box also offers Bodyweight classes twice a week to switch things up a bit. 

CrossFit Tanjong Pagar
CrossFit Tanjong Pagar

As Singapore’s only CrossFit box located in the heart of the CBD, CrossFit Tanjong Pagar also boasts the largest indoor training facility of its kind, and is led by top certified trainers such as Dylan Goddard. 

There, the Metcon classes are always popular for incorporating a medley of exercises that are familiar to many — think burpees and box jumps — while still being a challenging workout. The box encourages you to unleash your primal instincts while working out, so feel free to shout, scream, and swear your way through the gruelling sequence. 

CrossFit Urban Edge
CrossFit Urban Edge

Packed with classes for any proficiency, CrossFit Urban Edge promises a close-knitted community of enthusiasts who make getting fit interesting again. Besides the usual WOD workouts, the box also offers Urban Bootcamps that’s specially designed to maximise fat burn, boost cardiovascular endurance, and condition the body. 

This outdoor workout runs alongside the Urban Warriors scheme for regulars — a 90-minute intensive class just for aspiring CrossFit athletes and serious weightlifters looking to go the extra mile. 

Get stronger, leaner, and faster at these CrossFit gyms in Singapore

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