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Glass half full: 4 benefits of hydrogen-rich water

You might know of the eight-glasses-a-day golden rule when it comes to chugging good ol’ H2O. Up to 60 percent of the human body is made of the molecule, and the amount of water you drink shows. Wrinkles, sallow skin and fatigue are usually indicators you’re not drinking enough. But as with everything else, the quality of the water you drink matters.

However, as it turns out, the smallest and lightest element to exist might actually be the key to fighting diseases, achieving glowing skin, and getting boundless energy. Hydrogen-rich water is a magical concoction of added protons and electrons, which boosts the level of hydrogen gas in regular water.

While the craze for hydrogen is real, hydrogen-rich water isn’t a new concept. The Japanese (of course) have been on it since the ‘60s, drinking the Shin’nooru solution and taking luxurious baths in it. Now that it’s back in the spotlight, major corporations are cashing in on DIY machines that will gas up the liquids at home. Then there’s also the hydrogen-infused bath salts — with skin-perfecting benefits — and hydrogen-infused anti-aging skin supplements, which claims to help fade melasma.

We heard you rolling your eyes thinking this is yet another health fad, so we’ve done the research for you. While regular water will suffice for us, you may just be convinced this is the water you need to be drinking for the rest of your life.

Reduces free radicals

Because of where it sits on the periodic table (which is right at the top), hydrogen has the ability to travel through the bloodstream when injected and weasel its way through even the nucleus of cells, where most of the DNA is situated. There, it works its magic by taking care of the inflammation-causing molecules that cause everything from skin degeneration to cancer. This means less oxidative damage, lower cholesterol, and an increase in an enzyme that fortifies against free radicals.

Hinders development of neurodegenerative diseases

The brain feeds off high levels of oxygen, so it’s inevitably more prone to oxidative stress, which damages cells that maintain cognitive functioning. Hydrogen can make its way to important brain tissues to counter this effect, even in its later stages. If you’re paranoid about cognitive impairment in the future, this might be the preventative treatment for you.

Glowing skin

Because hydrogen can reach depths no other can, this means it goes deeper within the skin to stave off acne and other skin ailments from inflammation, while simultaneously repairing damaged cells. Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD — founder of skincare brand Dr. Perricone — swears by the substance, guzzling up to 700ml a day. It’s the optimal amount, he claims.

Reduced fatigue

With mental clarity comes less jet lag and increased workout recovery speeds. This might be a game changer for athletes, more so for those who travel around the world to compete. Frequent flyers may also find the fuss-free liquid energiser extremely handy when crossing continents.

Shatricia Nair
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