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Here’s why having a great smile makes the best first impression

The reality of a first impression is such that you only have one opportunity to make it. How you present yourself the first time you meet a new person, team, or crowd is exactly how they’ll come to perceive you, and it is a challenge to change whatever judgement they make.

A crucial aspect to making a solid first impression is non-verbal behaviour. According to a study done in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, social expressivity guarantees someone forming a favourable opinion of you, and right at the pinnacle of that is a smile. That’s why you often see powerful individuals putting forth a smile when meeting new people, whether it’s a politician or C-level executive.

There is one small caveat to this. It’s not just any smile, but a great, healthy smile that gives off a winning first impression.

A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) shows us just how much power a single smile can muster. Over 88 percent of people claim that a smile improves their mood, and boosts self-confidence. 57 percent of the participants also mentioned that receiving a friendly smile from someone else, even a stranger, makes their mood better.

The above study does corroborate that your smile has a massive impact on the first impression you make, both in terms of self-confidence, and the way others view you.

Here are some other situations where having a great smile becomes your gateway to a fantastic first impression, just in case you need any more convincing.

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On a first date

There are few situations as nerve-wrecking as a first date, especially when you want to impress. Flaunting a smile doesn’t just make you feel more confident, it also enhances your attractiveness. Grinning also shows your date that you’re happy to see them, and this triggers the reward centre of their brain, making them feel more at ease around you.

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In a group setting

As much as we want to believe people aren’t superficial, the reality is exactly the opposite. One of the first features people tend to notice is your teeth. If you’re meeting a crowd for the first time, your shortcomings may lead to others perceiving you as less confident. This could create issues when it comes to establishing camaraderie. When you improve your bite, all these minor issues will be corrected, and you’ll always make a major impression.

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During a job interview

A job interview is arguably the scenario where you’d want to impress most, and there’s no end to stressing the importance of a smile. The AACD study revealed that people with straight teeth were 58 percent more likely to be hired, and attain professional success than their counterparts, even with the same skill set. They were also associated with hireable virtues like good health, trustworthiness, and popularity. If you’ve got a healthy smile, you’ve already got one foot through the door.

If you don’t have a picture-perfect grin, it’s not something to fret about. Advancements in dental technology has seen a rise in non-invasive teeth straightening methods that are also discreet. One of them is through the use of clear aligners, like Invisalign treatment. Patented technology is used to craft customised clear aligners that will fit and straighten your teeth. They are incredibly easy to care for on a daily basis, and require less hassle on the maintenance front than your usual metal or ceramic braces.

Give yourself a free smile assessment today and see if you can create the best first impression in any given situation.

Here’s why having a great smile makes the best first impression

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