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Keep your masks clean with these pouches and cases

Ready to head out during Phase 2?

The regular schedule of affairs when heading out now looks something like this: putting on a face mask when leaving the house, scanning the QR code for SafeEntry measures, taking your temperature at every establishment, and when you finally sit down for your meal, you realise you have nowhere to place your mask. 

Are you going to put it on the table? Sure it’s been sanitised, but that still seems a little dirty. Your bag then? Goodness knows when’s the last time you washed it. For an item that’s aimed at keeping the bacteria out of your face, we should really be paying more attention to how we’re storing it when not in use.

Enter mask pouches and cases. These portable (not to mention reusable!) temporary storage solutions are made to provide improved protection for your masks so they remain as bacteria-free as possible. 

Don’t settle for a flimsy plastic bag anymore: read on for a list of mask pouches and cases to get right now.

(Hero and featured image credit: United Nations COVID-19 Response via Unsplash)


This transparent option fits three to four surgical masks, great for those who constantly bring extra masks when heading out. Those who prefer the thicker, reusable mask option, it’ll also fit comfortably in this case.

S$$0.87 - S$0.99
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Those who prefer something less bulky, will find a gem in this choice. At only 19 centimetres long and less than two centimetres thick, this slim mask case is perfect for those who carry smaller bags. It can fit about three surgical masks snugly, but those who use thicker face masks may find it a little small for size.

S$1.80 - S$2.41
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Want an easy breezy option? The waterproof ziplock pouches here come in four colours for customers to choose from and can fit about five surgical masks comfortably. Now that pools are open again, this is a lightweight option that ensures your masks stay clean and dry while you soak up that beautiful vitamin D in the water.

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The upsides to wearing a mask? Keeping yourself and others safe. The downside? One word: mask-ne. Mask acne, or mask-ne for short, is a real problem that stems from the humidity trapped inside masks, preventing you from achieving crystal clear skin. This is where the dehumidifying case comes in handy. Besides keeping your masks clean, it also comes with a reusable dehumidifier that removes moisture and odour from your mask when not in use. To reuse the dehumidifier, simply pop it into the microwave for about a minute (or till it turns orange) and you’re good to go.

S$5.70 - S$6.75
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Since masks are designed to keep bacteria away from our faces, why not take it up a notch by storing them in antibacterial mask cases when not in use? This lightweight option is elevated with nano-silver ions, a particle that has been long recognised as an element used in day-to-day sterilisation. The polypropylene case is also mildew-proof, so you won’t have to worry about humidity affecting your masks while it’s enclosed in the case. In case you’re wondering about the size of this case, it comes at a slim 1.4-centimetre thick and 13-centimetres wide, a great size for those who use surgical or N95 masks.

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