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No time to work out? Join these 30-minute gym classes in Singapore’s CBD

We now live in a world where everything is expected to be delivered within a matter of minutes, so what once used to be the norm of spending hours at a gym has been reduced and condensed to less than 60 minutes. In other words, it’s never been more acceptable to cut your workout short today.

Strapped for time, office-goers often find themselves choosing between a rewarding lunch which usually precedes a crippling guilt, or spending their hour-long break at the gym before scoffing down lunch at the desk. These 30-minute gym classes in Singapore’s CBD have made it possible to get both your workout and meal done, sans any of the stress.

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Pure Fitness’s Grit

As Les Mills’ answer to the perennial favourite HIIT workout, this 30-minute class at Pure Fitness is perhaps one of the best options around when it comes to making your lunch break worthwhile. Here, short bursts of workouts with plates and step boards are interspersed with bodyweight exercises, all designed to hit your maximum threshold both physically and mentally within the shortest period of time.

Expect to go through a diverse sequence that includes clean and jerks, plenty of squats, push-ups and burpees, all set against pumping music and a very enthusiastic trainer who will push you to your absolute limits. The best part? You can look forward to a very rewarding protein smoothie from the famous Nood Food bar after. Because the class is highly intense, a moderate level of fitness is required to keep up, so hit up a couple of Bodypump classes before to familiarise yourself with the basics.

10 Collyer Quay, L4 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315

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Virgin Active's Kinesis

Virgin Active isn’t stranger to state-of-the-art gear, and Kinesis has proven to be one of its most versatile. This 30-minute class is dedicated to the sleek machine, which sees rotating resistance cables of varying heights that allow for more than 150 different exercises. Strength, cardio and flexibility training are meshed into the gravity-resistant workout.

The premise behind this is simple physics; under its sleek undulating wood cover is a closed chain pulley system, which releases more tension the farther you pull, making the workout as challenging as you’d like it to be. Your body will be worked in three planes and within a large range of motion, so be prepared for sore muscles the next day.

1 Raffles Place, Level 6, Singapore 048616

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BeatX Studio’s Battleground (Rush Hour)

A functional circuit class designed by professional and Olympic athletes, Battleground is typically a 50-minute class at BeatX, but is condensed into a power packed 30-minute boxing hybrid class in the morning and/or at noon to cater to busy office-goers.

It’s easy to feel motivated in the boxing studio in which the class is named after. The high-intensity class is set within a trendy futuristic nightclub-esque atmosphere, where you’ll combine explosive speed with light footwork and a good amount of hand-eye coordination.

20 Cecil St, #06-03 Plus, Singapore 049705

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Ritual Gym

Of course, we couldn’t complete the list without Ritual, the O.G. gym that reinforced the efficiency of getting your workout done within half an hour. Designed with the premise of pushing your body to its limits and then some, the high-intensity interval training class has four levels of progression for various proficiencies, and changes its routine constantly so you won’t hit that dreaded plateau.

There aren’t any fancy equipment at this one; Ritual goes back to basics with a couple of kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX bands, and a lot of motivation.

11 North Canal Rd, #03-01, Singapore 048824

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Vanda Boxing Club’s Bullet Boxing

Those who’ve had a trying day at work will appreciate Vanda’s Bullet Boxing class after. The 30-minute session will see quick-fire successions of boxing sequences — both fundamental and complex — on traditional boxing bags.

Steely stamina aside, you’ll also eventually develop an astute hand-eye coordination at this fast-paced class, not to mention a lean physique as your metabolism gets revved up for the rest of the day. For the full review of the old-school boxing gym, click here.

108 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068900

No time to work out? Join these 30-minute gym classes in Singapore’s CBD

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