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Nu Reflections’ Lipo Contrast treatment will give you a sculpted body without the pain

Let’s face a simple truth: Many aesthetic treatments that’ll give you your dream body are going to hurt. While “no pain, no gain” is a genuine saying, it’s always a bonus if you can get results without the agony.

Nu Reflections’ new Lipo Contrast treatment is one of those. Basically, it’s a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses advanced cryolysis to get rid of stubborn fatty deposits. The technology hails from Spain, and Nu Reflections is the first local clinic to bring the Lipo Contrast device in.

nu reflections lipo contrast
Bid goodbye to invasive treatments.

Cryolysis is not a completely foreign addition to the sphere of body sculpting treatments, but what the Lipo Contrast device does is a notch above. The machine first subjects your fat cells to triphasic thermal shock. This is a process whereby fat cells are heated, cooled, and heated again, hence reducing the amount of fat in your body, even fibrous fat — those pesky, tougher rolls that set into your skin.

This process is also 33 percent more effective than regular cryolysis, and the device is fit with a smaller applicator, which allows for treatment on smaller areas like one’s arm flanks, or double chin.

nu reflections lipo contrast
Here’s the Lipo Contrast system.

The folks at Nu Reflections swear that three to five Lipo Contrast treatment sessions across one area have also proven to be 33 percent more effective than regular cryolysis.

For anyone who’s been struggling to rid themselves of peskier fat deposits, the Lipo Contrast is a promising solution to pursue. Visit for more information.

Nu Reflections, Regency House, #05-13, 123 Penang Road, Singapore 238465, +65 6235 0555

A Great Singapore Sale special offer is currently ongoing for the Lipo Contrast, priced at S$2,800 for 10 sessions. The promotion will cease at the end of August, and prices will revert to S$600 per session.

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