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Save the Earth with these stylish reusable shopping bags

Sustainability is the buzzword of the 21st century. 

We’re all for swapping out our straws and saving water, but we can do so much better than that in terms of saving the planet. One of the easiest ways to be a little kinder to Mother Earth is to cut down on our single-use plastics — and what better way to do so than to ditch the flimsy bags at the supermarket

Besides, these reusable shopping bag options aren’t only environmentally-friendly in the long run, they also look so much better than lugging multiple plastic bags around. Here, we’ve put together a list of our top picks that not only add plus points to your style but the Earth too. 

This handy personal shopper comes fitted in a compact disc design that not only helps to save space, but also makes it easy to store in your larger bags as well. The nylon material of this shopping bag is particularly durable and can withstand a weight of up to five kilograms. A purchase here comes with two of these portable shopping bags, one in blue and one in red.


If you’re the kind who cares about that “farmer’s market-chic” aesthetic, this cotton mesh grocery bag is perfect for you. The is made of organic cotton, making it safe and non-toxic for fresh vegetables and fruits. It is available in three different sizes and four different colours for you to choose from as well.

S$1.49 - S$4.99

These reusable bags are made from a strong yet lightweight mesh polyester, and its translucent appearance makes it easy for users to glance through items as well. One major plus point when shopping with these? You can wash your produce directly in the bags and place them straight into the fridge, making them great not just for shopping, but fridge organisation as well. Each purchase comes with 12 bags in three different sizes.


If you ever struggled with grocery bags after you’ve purchased all your items from a supermarket trolley, these clip-to-cart bags offer the ultimate solution. Simply put them into your trolley, clip them to the side, go about your shopping and take them out once you’re done. This bag also helps to segregate your groceries as you’re purchasing your items so that you’ll have an easier time unpacking when you’re home too.


Most reusable bags focus on storing fresh produce, but that’s not all you’re buying now, is it? Make sure to grab this lightweight insulated bag for your frozen meats and chilled items. This way, you can head outdoors and run your errands without worrying about your items being wrecked in the heat.

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