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Review: Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore will change the way you work out forever

As the only place where it’s socially acceptable to be drenched in sweat, it’s hard to claim a gym as the place to be seen at. You will, however, want to be seen at Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore, flushed cheeks and all. 

Better known as the OG of all HIIT workouts, Barry’s Bootcamp knows a thing or two about pushing you to the limits, but in the most stylish of environments. The Los Angeles-based studio is after all, a favourite amongst high-profilers like Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, the Beckhams, and a slew of English footballers. 

Now a cult name in the global fitsphere, Barry’s has finally made its way onto local shores after a presence in cities such as Milan, London, Sydney and even Dubai.

We took the new gym for a spin following its recent opening here. Here’s what it’s like. 


Getting your ass kicked by a Barry’s Crew is a big part of the allure but so are the gym’s facilities. Located conveniently on Robinson Road, the industrial-esque vibes of the gym are met with a concierge-style studio service that doesn’t require you to do more than quote your name with a friendly staff. 

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The magic happens in the only studio at the gym, aptly — and quite ominously — christened the Red Room for its club-light atmosphere that shines nothing but a dark scarlet hue. A row of custom Woodway treadmills line one side of the room, while the other sees a floor space for strength training. The gym — notoriously well-equipped — sees weights, resistance bands and booty bands for various competency levels.

The concept of uber-chic luxury continues of course, to the changing rooms and shower stalls, where products by cult haircare brand Oribe are on tap, and Dyson hairdryers await. 

Outside, the studio’s acclaimed Fuel Bar serves up a healthy selection of Barry’s signature protein and superfood smoothies that maximise post-workout recovery and muscle-building, all of which can be pre-ordered before class. 


With classes that have only ever been described as “intense”, the Red Room has probably seen more calories burnt than all seasons of The Biggest Loser combined. The fat-incinerating sessions are based on interval-based cardiovascular moves that are designed to spike your metabolism while toning all or specific muscles, depending on your goals. 

There are two types of classes available. The Original is a signature of Barry’s, and your session will be split equally between running on the treadmill and doing weighted exercises on the floor. The Double Floor is the strength-based option that’ll give you a free pass from running, only you’ll be sweating it out with weights the entire time. 

Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific body part, so you can work on your arms and abs on Monday, for example, and come back the next day to torture your pecs. Friday through Sunday sees full body exercises that are perfect for those who want to experience the full package in an hour. If you’re feeling brave enough, hit up the gym the recommended five times a week. 

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The promise at Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore is a burn of up to 1,000 calories, but if anything it felt like more. We tried the Original Full Body class, which started with a run on the treadmill with alternating jogs and sprints, before scrambling to the floor — out of breath — to commence weighted workouts like squats, lunges, Russian twists, and a hell lot of bicep curls and bench presses. Then there are skull crushers and plank variations, and by now you should be a mess with sweat stinging your eyes. 

Then you do it all over again — only this time the jogs incorporate inclinations, and you’re properly psyched with the nightclub-specced sound system blaring remixes at ground-shaking decibel levels. 


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Exercising at Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore is bound to be a love/hate relationship. After all, each class is exactly what the gym promises to be: A bootcamp. It’s super intense, which means you’ll be dragged out of your comfort zone each and every time, but the adrenaline rush is refreshing and you’re always on your toes. The next day is when the real pain set in, a tell-tale sign that Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore had worked its magic in working muscles you never knew you had. 

If you’re looking to rev up your endurance levels, burn an absurd amount of calories, and sculpt your way to lean perfection, then Barry is definitely your guy.


Barry's Bootcamp Singapore
18 Robinson Rd, #03-03, Singapore 048547
Review: Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore will change the way you work out forever

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