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Review: Capella Singapore’s wellness retreat is a dream for the weary

Capella Singapore is known for many things — the unparalleled view of the sea and beaches, and its luxurious suites are but a few of the many reasons why it’s such a great staycation spot. The escape you get from city life is incredible, yet your environment still feels familiar and comfortable, only slowed down a few notches.

The Rooms

That’s exactly how I felt as I was led to my room. A good start, considering the wellness retreat organised by the six-star premise promised to rejuvenate my weary body. Offering the most spacious hotel accommodations in Singapore, Capella has only 112 guest rooms that range from Premier guest rooms and 15 suites, to 38 majestic villas with private outdoor showers and bathtubs. For the ultimate indulgence, make one of the two heritage Colonial Manors your home for the weekend.

The three-bedroom accommodation within a beautifully restored building comes with a stately dining room and even a mini lap-pool. My Premier bedroom overlooked the sea and part of the beach on one side, and the massive rainforest that encompasses the property on the other, so you can imagine what a sight it was in as dusk fell.

The view from one of Capella’s room.

The room also had all the workings of a six-star hotel technology-wise. A bedside touch panel controls the lighting, air-condition and drapes without the hassle of getting out of that huge plush bed. A BOSE sound system connects to your Bluetooth for convenient music streaming, and amenities such as a Nespresso machine are part of the package.

Health & Wellness

Of course, the best way to begin that journey was by paying the award-winning Auriga Spa a visit for one of their Signature Moon Experiences. Designed in line with products from The Organic Pharmacy to reflect the varying energies of the lunar cycle, Auriga recommends you opt for the treatment that corresponds to the moon’s particular stage — new, full, waxing, and waning.

Relaxation Lounge auriga spa
Auriga Spa is a sanctuary you never want to leave.

The New Moon treatment I received was designed with the aims of renewal and introspection. A lively concoction of Juniper, Rosemary and Fennel is created to awaken the spirits, and as the aroma filled my sanctuary for the next 90 minutes, the therapist started the full body Swedish-styled massage. Characterised by long, gliding strokes that decreases muscle toxins and tension while improving circulation and flexibility, the therapist’s deft hands swiftly worked to even out any knots my seemingly 80-year-old body had been harbouring.

After the full body massage, a brief facial session — a massage, exfoliation and mask — was next to restore the long-lost glow on my face. That was going to take more than a facial and some premium organic products, I first thought, but let’s just say my therapist proved otherwise after.

Vitality Pool auriga spa capella singapore
Auriga Spa’s Vitality Pool.

For Capella guests and patrons at Auriga Spa, the experience continues even after your treatment is over. Luxurious spa facilities include vitality pools overlooking a tranquil garden, invigorating herbal baths and aromatherapy showers. A relaxation lounge in the facility features sound wave lounge chairs, and special beverages that harmonise with the current phase of the moon are provided — just like the massages. Little wonder Auriga Spa’s been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Spa for seven consecutive years.

Bob's Bar Alfresco Terrace
Feel the fresh air and warm sunshine during your morning yoga session at Bob’s Bar.

Capella Singapore also holds morning yoga sessions every Sunday at the expansive outdoor terrace at Bob’s Bar. The complimentary class was a revitalising way to begin the day as we stretched, breathed and folded our way to better health. Of course, this great start was only one-upped by breakfast at The Knolls after.


As dusk descended on the massive property — a stunning mix of colonial and contemporary style, mind you — we arrived at the Chef’s Table for its Private Brunch Affair, only this time infused with a good dose of Christmas cheer. For the first time ever, the space will be open at any time and any day in December, so diners can choose to enjoy an intimate celebration in style, and in close proximity of the chef — who, by the way, is more than happy to provide an impromptu dance performance.

A Capella Christmas Celebration 2017
Christmas came early — prepare for a decadent feast at Chef’s Table.

Highlights of the evening included the Rendang turkey — an endearing fusion of local and yuletide flavours — as well as Boston lobsters, and the Orzo Risotto with mushrooms and pumpkin. The mulled wine, a warm spice-infused drink, really hit the spot in recreating that Christmas spirit despite it only being November. Of course, the good guys at the Chef’s Table can customise a menu tailored to your dietary needs, and gluten-free options were aplenty.


It’s that time of the year when you’re dying for a vacation but the holiday season isn’t quite there yet, and that’s where Capella comes in to provide that much-needed getaway before things start getting crazy again. With a focus on the mind, body, and soul, there’s never been a more decadent way to sit back and relax than at this six-star facility.

Review: Capella Singapore’s wellness retreat is a dream for the weary

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